Ever Thought About Playing Golf With Bill Murray?

What would you say if I told you that you could have a chance at playing with Bill Murray in a charity pro-am for $5.00? Well you can.

Prizeo is running a sweepstakes for The Murray Brothers Caddyshack Charity Golf Tournament and the winner gets a spot in Bill Murray’s foursome.  There is only one week left.

The winning ticket also includes airfare to and accommodations in St. Augustine, Florida on April 20-22nd. For buying a $5.00 ticket you can spend two days of golf, partying, and time with the Murray brothers and it is for a good cause. The event has raised over $4 million for their charity.

Before you say, “there is no way I can win” ask yourself if you have ever bought a lottery ticket. Your odds are much better on this than they are on Powerball.

If you have never watched Caddyshack I can understand, but I can’t understand being a golfer and never having seen the movie at least twice.

The world love celebrities like Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and George Clooney, but we don’t have their images plastered everywhere.


In an article published in the New York Times they stated that Murray “embodies ‘the idea of living life to its fullest’ and evokes ‘the sense of freedom that we all pursue.’”

If you have ever watched him on the golf course you know that spending a few hours out there on the links with him would definitely be a “bucket list” experience that your golfing buddies would envy.


What are the actual odds of winning this trip of a life time? As Bill Murray’s character from the 1979 movie Meatballs said, “It just doesn’t matter!”

Written by BP Staff


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