Bubba Upsets Fans With His Comment

I have always been a fan of Bubba Watson. Part of it is he has his own golf swing that he developed and it flies in the face of what a lot Top Whatever List of instructors say you must and cannot do. He is an artist of sorts and the golf course is his canvas. He sees and pulls off shots most people can’t even imagine; much less have the ability to hit.

I will have to say that from time to time he can open his mouth without his brain being in gear. He seems to have had one this week at the Waste Management Phoenix open. When this happens he tends to say he is just saying what is on his mind, but there is a difference between speaking you mind like David Feherty and just simply whining.

When asked about the changes to the course he is quoted by USA TODAY’s Steve DiMeglio:

“I don’t like it. I’m not going to PC it. I don’t like it at all. I just mentioned why I’m here … I’ve got three beautiful sponsors that love it here … Obviously I’m here because of my sponsors and everything. So, I love coming here. It’s always great weather. Used to have a house here. It’s always beautiful coming here and playing here.”

Considering that he has won over a $! Million here in the last two years I will say that I’m in agreement with the tweet by @NoLayingUp

Written by BP Staff

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