Phoenix Open Slogan “Greatest Show on Grass” Drawing Attention

The Phoenix Open is legendary for being the biggest party on the PGA Tour. The tour players even talk about having to get used to dealing with the fans, comments, and atmosphere of the event. It looks like some folks in Arizona are looking to expand on that.

According to an article published in the Arizona Republic they are going to posting a billboard during this week’s tournament pushing for the legalization of marijuana. The billboard reads, “If beer and golf make for the greatest party on grass … Why can’t adults enjoy a safer party on grass?” This is apparently a play on the tournament’s slogan “Greatest Show on Grass.”

The chairman of Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy, Seth Leibsohn, calls it nothing more than a “stunt” designed to use the tournament to promote substance abuse.

“Using the laudable and charitable Waste Management Phoenix Open golf tournament as a springboard to publicize a political campaign to legalize marijuana in Arizona is the opposite of good health, good education and good public policy — and certainly the opposite of good taste,” Leibsohn stated in The Arizona Republic.

However, not everyone agrees. J.P. Holyoak, Chair of the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol had this to say, “When they put out their slogan as the ‘Greatest Party on Grass’, how can we as an organization, whose goal is to legalize adult-use cannabis, not have fun with this? It’s a fun story!”

Waste Management Phoenix Open Chairman Dan Mahoney commented Monday, “We were not made aware of this billboard and it is not affiliated at all with the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Our focus and message to our fans is always to have fun, but be safe, responsible and courteous to all of the PGA TOUR players and fellow golf patrons.”

The billboard is apparently located fairly close to where the tournament is being held and can be seen by the estimated 500,000 people that will be in town for the event.

All of this on top of David Feherty making his season debut on television this week. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Written by BP Staff

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