Here Are a Few Tips For Fitness Friday

There are several simple things that you can do that will improve your golf game and your overall fitness. Improving your overall fitness will have beneficial effects on your golf game. I’ve put together a few of my favorites and you can do a lot of these indoors in any weather.

Golf Drills and Exercises

Two Club Drill

Take two clubs of about the same length and swing them parallel to the ground or floor just like a baseball swing. As you do this gradually lower the swing into your normal golf swing. This will help you generate more club head speed and actually improve your actual golf swing.

A weighted club also works wonderfully because it is generally shorter and doesn’t need as much room.

Short Game Drill

Find a room where you have about 10 feet or more of open floor carped space. Place a small towel on the floor and stand at least 10 feet away. Practice chipping and pitching with different clubs. The object is to get the ball to land on the towel – not roll on to it.

Putting Drill

This drill improves distance control. Set or balance a ball (or a tee turned upside down) on a penny and putt a second ball to this ball so that it touches the first, but DOESN’T knock it off the penny! This one is SUPER TOUGH! Try various distances.

In putting, the single most important factor is distance control and this will help you dramatically. If this is too difficult initially try placing something like a pencil on the floor and put to it without going over or moving it.

Simple Fitness Tips

Simple ways to get some exercise with spending any money.

  • At least occasionally take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • If you happen to be stuck at a desk all day, get up hourly and do some stretches, squats, wall push-ups – just do something to get you moving for a few minutes.
  • Carry your groceries instead of using a cart
  • Unless it is for safety reason, don’t always park as close to the entrance door as possible.
  • Finally just take the dog for a walk, the kids for a bike ride or just go by yourself. Do anything to just get outside for even 20 minutes and be active.

It’s going to take a little effort to work these into your routine and you don’t have to jump on everything at once. Once you feel better or positive about what you are doing it gets easier and easier to add more.

Written by BP Staff

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