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Golf Tip: A Tip That May Help Your Chipping

Most golfers have heard the statement, “Keep your eye on the ball,” or “You looked up.” Aside from the fact that they are both untrue statements, I am going to suggest that you do both of these things – take eye off the ball and look up.

I know this sounds strange, but before you dismiss it as crazy or silly just stick with me.

The average golfer usually struggles with chipping and pitching to some degree and there are thousands of articles and books out there offering various ways to improve, but things rarely ever change, especially for the person plagued by shanks, chunky or fat shots and thin or bladed line drives.

Now I’m not saying that everyone can do this because your brain is going to resist this and it is not going to work perfectly immediately, but I want you to look at the target when you are chipping or pitching and not at the ball. The reasoning is simple – golf is the only sport I can think of where you don’t actually get to look at the target.

Imagine throwing darts by looking at the dart, shooting a rifle by looking at the rifle, or shooting free throws by looking at the basketball. It would be all but impossible to do any of these things successfully so why should golf be any different?

On feel shots like pitching it is extremely difficult to know exactly how hard to hit the ball when you can’t see exactly how far it needs to go. This creates anxiety which lead to poor swings and bad shoots. Looking at the target gives you something positive to think about rather than swing mechanics and lets your subconscious control the actual swing.

Helps Develop Feel

By looking at the hole you suddenly start to become aware of where the club is and develop feel for the weight of the club head.  Having a better feel for the club will be a major positive.

Jordan Spieth frequently does this on putts so why wouldn’t it be worth at least giving it a try. For those of you that prefer a visual explanation a friend of mine has a video that explains it wonderfully. Craig shares my love of helping the average golfer and worked for GolfTec for many years before starting his own very successful golf schools.

After watching the video, if you have any questions please drop me and email at [email protected] or just comment on the site. It will take a little practice, but I promise it is worth it. I have used this with my students and know the success you can have.

Written by BP Staff


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