Are One-Length Irons Really For You?

The answer is an unequivocal maybe. After researching this extensively, it is obvious that there are some compelling reasons why you might consider the idea of switching, after all Bryson DeChambeau is as logical as a person can get and he thinks it’s a good idea. For many people, it is simply that for centuries we have played with clubs of different lengths. There is no question that all the great golfers played pretty well with them, but it might be wise to wonder it was just the fact that previously we did not have the technology to do it any other way.

Your Favorite Club

If you ask most people if they have a favorite club that they hit well most of the time, they will answer with a yes.

Research has determined that the reason for that is your favorite club fits your swing better than your other clubs. When this happens you have more confidence in it and confidence produces a better golf swing. The question then becomes why does it fit your swing better?

Optimum Length

This is a simple answer. Almost everyone is more comfortable with the length of a 6 or 7 iron than they are with a 3 or 4 iron.

Optimum Lie Angle

This is where it starts to get a little more complicated. Having the correct lie angle allows the club to sole properly through impact and has a great deal to do with your ability to make solid contact. Ideally your clubs will be set so that the lie compensates for the length, but a stock set is rarely perfectly matched so you will likely find minor variances from club to club.

Optimum Weight

This may well be the most important of all. Everybody responds to weight differently, so there is an optimum club weight for each person that allows them to square the club face and produce maximum distance. Your favorite club is that weight and it is easy to replicate in clubs the same length.
One Swing Plane

The picture below indicates what happens with a normal set of clubs and a one-length set.

Swing Plane Changes with Norma Set

Simplified Address

It simplifies your address dramatically because every club is played from the same place in your stance. This allows your swing arc to be the same and bottom out or hit the ground, in the same place every time.
The only drawback I have found to this concept is that each set has to be custom made, because each person’s length, lie angle, and weight is going to be different.

This is why I believe the next big advance in technology is going to be in club fitting and not in Doppler radar such as Trackman or sciences such as bio-mechanics.

Right now we have DeChambeau being the only player of note doing this, but if he is as good as I think he is this may get a lot more interest.

Written by BP Staff


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