My Wish – Tiger Woods to Replace Greg Norman

I understand that the chances of this happening are somewhere between slim and none, but I can dream anyway.

Tiger Woods and I have something in common – when we watch golf on television we turn the sound off. I know that these guys can’t just be quiet because it is part of their job to eliminate dead air time, but their comments frequently range from the painfully obvious to the ridiculously stupid.

“I can’t remember the last time I watched golf,” Woods told Time Magazine. “I can’t stand it. Unless one of my friends has a chance to win, then I like watching it. I watched Jason win the PGA, but it was on mute. It’s always on mute, and I have some other game on another TV.”

We need Tiger. Anybody that has ever listened to him knows how passionate he is about the game and the few times he has been in the booth, recently at the Hero World Challenge, he has done an excellent job. Nobody is better at golf geek and getting down to the level of golf-for-dummies than Tiger.

Joe Buck would still be there as the lead commentator with Tiger just adding insightful comments from time to time. I would actually listen to Tiger critiquing another player’s swing or shot instead of taking a bathroom break or a trip to the fridge like I do now. I think it would be wonderful to listen to him discuss the strategy of playing certain shots or the best way to play the hole.  After all, who knows more than he does about it.

Working for Fox wouldn’t take a lot of time since they only cover USGA events, but that would include the US Open. Can you imagine having Tiger in the booth analyzing and commenting on the US Open? You don’t think it would help their ratings after last year’s fiasco at Chambers Bay.

Tiger Woods AnnouncingI know they are probably going to go with Paul Azinger or someone similar, but you never know. I can always hope.

In any event, I don’t have to listen to Johnny Miller who was the main reason I started putting the TV on mute.

Written by BP Staff


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