Carnoustie Performance Sportswear: Timeless and Elegant

We wake up every morning anticipating what the day has in store. Sometimes we get that day that just simply stands out among the others. I had one of those days recently. I got the call from Bunkers Paradise to take a look at Carnoustie Sportswear and see what my thoughts were not only on the company as whole, but their Performance line and how it performs out on the course.

Initially, I was thinking like most of you are right now: What makes this company different and do they really separate themselves from the other ‘sportswear’ companies? Before I answer, let me take you on a journey into what makes Carnoustie tick.

Carnoustie = Family

Believe it or not, Carnoustie has been around a long time. I had an amazing opportunity to not simply review a few clothing items, but to interview the mind behind the brand. It was a day I will always remember. It was literally like walking into a family member’s home. Arms were open and smiles were shining brightly.

Every person I met at their Corporate Headquarters was filled with passion, joy and internal love for the company/man they worked with and for every day. No one person knew who I was or why I was there (outside of the owner/founder) and yet they treated me like one of their own. It truly brought a tear to my eye because I knew this was a family and every item of the Carnoustie brand they brought to the market with filled with tender loving hands. This is the kind of family run business I love to support.

History Behind Carnoustie

It was founded 20 years ago by Marshall Mancillas and he had a vision to dress the golfer in style and comfort. Mr. Mancillas was introduced to golf around the age of 10 by his Uncle. He immediately loved the game and worked hard to play as a collegiate player. The game as something he knew was a life time love.

Marshall Mancillas

One thing he was taught and really it came natural, was a keen sense of style on the course. He wanted to not only play well, but look good too. I like the way he thinks. After college, he become a lawyer and was involved in real estate. But something kept tugging at him. That something was getting back to what he loved. The real estate industry slowed down a bit and he was drawn to men’s golf clothing and how it just didn’t feel or look in his eyes that way it could look and feel while playing. With lots of courage and strength, he decided to really go for it.

What was that ‘it’?

His mission was to develop top quality clothing that was elegant, beautiful and performed to the golfers expectations. He built Carnoustie’s reputation by producing high-end cotton golf clothing for the past two decades and has succeeded in the brand filling up the likes of Pine Valley to Pebble Beach Golf Clubs. The real ‘it’  for Mr. Mancillas was never taking a back seat to quality. Quality is a TOP Priority without compromise. To this day, he stands by quality and allow me to say…it is amazing!!!!

One fun story I would like to share to give you a bit of an insight to Carnoustie and the man behind the brand starts on a bright sunny day when Mr. Mancillas was just a young teen. From day one, Marshall always dressed nicely when out on the course. It didn’t matter whether he was playing or caddying. On this day, he had the chance to caddy in a pro tournament. He got the call to carry the bag of a top local pro. He was standing at the first tee with this man’s bag waiting for him. The other pros were there and ready to tee up. They turned to young Marshall and said, “Well, let’s get this show on the road and play some golf.” Young Marshall was confused until one of the other pros asked him if he was ready to play. Marshall smiled as politely said, “I am sorry gentlemen, but I am not the pro. I am the caddy. I am waiting for my pro.” They other professional golfers just stood there in disbelief. One said, “Well son, you are dressed like a pro and look ready to play. We would love to have you play in our group any day.

That day stood in Mr. Mancillas mind forever. He was dressed to the nines and was mistaken for a pro. Fast forward when it was time to switch gears and pursue his true passion, that story stuck and he has never wavered from making sure the golfer looks exceptional on the course. The rest is Carnoustie history.

Breaking News–New Alliances

Mr. Mancillas is a man of integrity and will stand firm on his mission keeping quality a top priority. He has been approached through the years by many with offers to partner. He has turned many of those potential opportunities down because they don’t meet his vision.

After much consideration and a realization that he found a couple of opportunities that fall directly in line with his vision, mission and attention to detail.  Mr. Mancillas is proud to announce two very significant alliances for Fall of 2016.

First, our new partnership with Aristo Eighteen. Aristo Eighteen has for some time now been recognized as makers of the finest worsted (a fine smooth yarn spun from combed long-staple wool) slacks in the game. Now their collection will be offered to the golf market exclusively through Carnoustie and its representatives under the brand, Carnoustie by Aristo Eighteen. The collection will feature, not only beautiful fancies that merchandise perfectly with the Carnoustie collection, but also an in stock basics program which can be delivered with finished bottoms. Because Aristo weaves their own cloth and tailors the goods in their own factories, the value they offer is beyond compare. In addition the Aristo collection will include performance trousers and shorts, five pocket jeans and washed cotton. The result tis a meaningful expansion of our bottoms offering that makes any merchandise group Carnoustie offers even more compelling.

Second, it is no secret that lets have always been an important accessory in golf. Today, even more so. We have just formed a partnership with Nexbelt, one of the most exciting companies in this space. Beginning with Fall ’16, we will offer a collection of belts that merchandise wonderfully with our Carnoustie collection under the brand Carnoustie by Nexbelt. This upscale collection features tumbled leather, contrast stitching, a handsomely designed Carnoustie Icon buckle and, of course, Nexbelt’s ratcheting system for extreme comfort and wear ability. We are most flattered that Nexbelt chose Carnoustie as their partner in better belt market.  ~ Marshall Mancillas, President of Carnoustie

I am totally excited for Carnoustie and every person they will touch with their offerings. The future continues to look amazing!

It is time to allow me to tell you all about my experiences with Carnoustie apparel and why I feel they stand apart from other brands.

Style and Selection

There are many options for golf clothing in the marketplace. However, some just don’t stand up to the test of true elegance and style. Here is where Carnoustie steps in and captures your attention with amazing style with timeless appeal. Carnoustie steps way out of the box to bring you fine fabrics, outstanding workmanship and elegant styling creating a collection that stands alone.

Carnoustie Men's Performance Shirts

Carnoustie has multiple collections to choose from. One of the most recent and the one I focused mostly on was the Performance Collection. Mr. Mancillas wanted to develop a performance line that filled the spectrum from the young player to the veteran without compromising on quality. The Performance Collection is amazing in style, comfort and exquisite detail. If you want to look good on the course, Carnoustie is the Sportswear to play in. You will find yourself feeling good because you look amazing. Carnoustie offers such a grand selection that it will fit all tastes.

What I also love about Carnoustie is that they realized that women love the incredible fabrics and wanted to wear the brand as well. Mr. Mancillas saw a window of opportunity to offer top of the line specialized women’s clothing items that really look and feel amazing. This is where I had the chance wear Carnoustie and see if they were the real deal. In one word–YES. I felt like I took my golf style to the next level and had multiple items to choose from with the women’s selection. Thank you Carnoustie for sharing such great comfortable elegant clothing I can wear on and off the course.

Carnoustie Women's

If you are looking for impressive natural fiber quality in exquisite apparel with fabric that feels good against the skin while stepping up to the tee box in a sophisticated style, you are home with Carnoustie.


Here we are looking good on the course, but what it really comes down to is can we truly play in what we are wearing. The answer is a resounding YES. I played in the same natural fiber fabric that the men’s clothing has and each item performed splendidly.

What does that mean you ask? I am very particular as most of you know when you read my reviews. I want to be in something I can swing in any weather condition without restriction. I look for something that hugs me but not too tight allowing for a monster drive swing to a soft flop shot. I can’t have anything getting in the way of my score…clothing that is because we know my brain can get in the way sometimes. Seriously, the Carnoustie Performance Sportswear will allow you to swing free and with comfort.

Kate's Carnoustie

Fortunately for me, I had the chance to tee up in sun, wind, rain (yes El Nino is here) and cold weather just to test the fabric and its ability to stand the test of the elements. What I found was quality apparel that looks to last for many rounds/years to come. No fabric pilling, breathability, and responsive clothing to movement on and off the course. Well done Carnoustie, well done!


Quality is the very top priority with Carnoustie. They work with the best of the best in the world finding the top fibers to bring you multiple exquisite collections that stand alone. Carnoustie may be more geared to the higher end market, but your investment will be well worth it because the clothing you purchase will stand the test of time through durability and timeless elegance.

Remember you are purchasing high quality, high performance and stylish apparel that will stand up to your wear and tear on and off the course. You will be able to find Carnoustie’s compelling sportswear available today in some of the country’s finest golf resorts, country clubs and retails shops. You can also check them out here: Carnoustie

Final Thoughts

Kate ready to play

I have had the opportunity over my career to wear many brands of clothing. Some get a day out of me and others lasted longer. Carnoustie has taken the time to really delve deep into the core of the golfer to provide a product that is timeless, elegant and made from the finest fabrics in the world. But above and beyond that, the Carnoustie is part of the Mancillas family. They treat every item of clothing brought to you with tender loving hands. I have toured many factories/headquarters of clothing companies, but never have I experienced the true family atmosphere and love behind every detail that I did with at Carnoustie. It literally brought a teat to my eye…just ask Mr. Mancillas, he had to offer me a tissue.

In my humble opinion, Carnoustie stands apart from all other golf apparel lines. They bring you the best fabrication to each item of clothing to give you the confidence you need to perform. Bravo.

Thank you Carnoustie for allowing me the time to really see the business from the inside out. Your impact on the golf world has only just begun. Stay true to your mission as you have for 20+ years and you will be atop the world of Golf Apparel.


‘keep smiling and always believe’

Written by BP Staff


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