“Saved by the Bell” Actor the Latest Celebrity in Golf Cart

Mark-Paul Gosselaar – best known as Zack Morris from “Saved by the Bell” – hopped in the golf cart alongside Mark Willard in the latest episode of the SCGA’s web series “Celebrities in Golf Carts”.

As usual, the two play nine holes together, chatting about how they view themselves within the game. Time and how it passes was a popular topic as Gosselaar – now on “Franklin & Bash” – talks about how fans from a show that aired decades ago expect him to remember things that took place when he was a high schooler.

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When you think about it, being known for something so early in life has to be tough, so now that he’s in his forties and has moved on to other projects as successful as “Franklin & Bash” (a feat in itself) with fans not similarly having moved on, it might get frustrating. He does take it all in stride, though.

The episode ends after we find an interesting tidbit about what he does while away from the TV screen. As in other episodes Willard and the guest – Gosselaar in this case – compete for a prize after their round.

Let’s just say it might involve Willard walking home after taping.

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