Jason Day Passes Jordan Spieth for World No. 1

The ferris wheel atop the World Golf Rankings continues to revolve. This time, it’s Jason Day’s turn to enjoy the honor.

Day narrowly edges out Jordan Spieth, who is trailed by Rory McIlroy to make up golf’s big three. Given each player’s age, one would have to imagine this positioning will continue for the foreseeable future.

You would think given how Spieth won two majors this year, he’d be almost impossible to top, Day boasts six wins – including a major title of his own. Oh, and McIlroy had a pretty steadfast hold to the top spot heading into the year. Day’s passing both of them is quite the accomplishment.

The theme with Day has always been that all he was missing was a major victory and once he got that, the floodgates might open to a surefire Hall of Fame career. We can only hope those projections hold true.

Congratulations, Jason!

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