Wicked Game: Is This the Worst Lip Out in Golf History?

Plugged lies, thin lies, lies in divots, untimely bounces — all of these are bad breaks, but none can compete in the disappointment department with the un-holy grail of bad breaks: the dreaded lip out.

On Thursday, I dare say we saw a lip out of historical proportions — and a reaction for the ages.

During the European Tour’s British Masters, Mikael Lundberg stiffed his approach at the par-5 7th hole and looked to have a very makeable eagle bid.

Unfortunately, golf is a cruel, cruel mistress:

Listen, no one likes lipping out a putt. It’s terrible and feels like God, the universe, the ghost of Bobby Jones, whatever Scientologists believe etc, etc., scheming against YOU. It’s a gut wrenching, hopeless feeling that every golfer had felt.

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That being said, as amateurs, we feel robbed even if we hit a bad putt. That’s not being robbed — that’s, actually, you getting lucky that the ball even got close to the hole.

What happened to Mikael Lundberg transcends being robbed. It’s almost torture. Seriously, there ought to be some type of support group for him to visit.

God speed, Mikael, God speed.

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