New EX9 & Tour EX9 Drivers Bring More Speed, Adjustability

“Today, Tour Edge Golf announced the introduction of the Exotics EX9 and EX9 Tour drivers. The new Full-Speed Impact design maximizes club head speed through a sloped crown and a subtle sole design optimizing weight distribution.

“The EX9 models are available in four clubheads, and feature adjustability options including loft, lie angles, and an interchangeable sole weight. The drivers encompass ideal sound, exceptional control, and explosive distance cultivating the best Exotics driver ever.

“’On the new EX9 models we moved the center of gravity much deeper in the head for super high MOI
numbers,’ said David Glod, president and founder of Tour Edge Golf. ‘This translates into our lowest
spinning drivers to date and a greatly increased sweet zone for longer drives from all areas on the face.’

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Source: Golf Digest

“The new EX9 drivers feature a 6A4V titanium construction and a new Hexagonal variable face thickness technology. The custom Hexagonal configuration offers multiple levels of thickness for superior launch speed from more points on the face, especially in the heel and toe areas.

“The EX9 standard driver is a 460cc draw enhancing clubhead available in 10 and 12-degrees designed to deliver forgiving, high-flying drives. The Tour model is a pear-shaped, 430cc head with a deeper face to deliver Exotics legendary low-spin power and faster ball speeds.

“The EX9 Tour driver is engineered in 9 and 10-degree heads. Both models include the newly designed hosel allowing players to change launch conditions using eight settings and adding or subtracting up to one degree of loft. This advanced versatility gives players the ultimate control in achieving optimal distance and ball flight.

“The Full-Speed Impact design is highlighted in the 460cc model by a new aerodynamic sloping of the crown reducing drag and generating faster club speed for maximum distance. Adding to the distance formula, the redesigned, narrower power grid allows the face to flex at impact for an exceptionally powerful launch.

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“Also enhancing the Full-Speed Impact design, the interchangeable sole weight independently located in each head helps players optimize the club’s performance. The EX9 driver encompasses a heel weight for draw enhancement, helping golfers find the fairway. The EX9 Tour driver’s rear center sole weight is specifically located for spin control and deep within the club head for a higher MOI and lower spin. The standard 6-gram heel weight screw is housed in an 8-gram weight pad for 14 grams of sole weighting.

“Additional weight screws can be purchased as a kit or individually. The kit includes 3-gram, 9-gram and 11-gram weights to increase or decrease the swing weight. The EX9 drivers feature an elegant metallic gloss black finish.

“The EX9 will retail for $299.99, while the EX9 Tour is priced at $399.99. Orders can be placed now and drivers are projected to ship November 15, 2015. Visit for more information.”

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