Ben Hogan Golf Polos: Affordable Style and Performance

For serious golfers, the game isn’t just a chance to get outside and have some fun — it’s a chance to look good while they’re doing it. If you “look good,” then you “play good” as the saying goes.

Unfortunately, when you talk about performance golf polo shirts, your talking about a $40-80 investment. Doesn’t matter if you want to look like Jordan Spieth or Tiger Woods, you’re going to be paying top-dollar to do so.

That being said, if you think your only option to look like a tour pro is to mortgage your house for a few shirts — you’re wrong.

Enter the Ben Hogan line of golf polo’s. Affordable, stylish and guaranteed to perform under pressure, these shirts are a dream for any golfer, especially those on a budget.

Recently, I had the opportunity to play a few rounds in the gear — this is my review:


It doesn’t matter who you are, your choice of golf clothes comes down almost certainly to answering one question — does it perform? The answer with the Ben Hogan collection is irrevocably yes.

Source: Ben Hogan/Walmart.

The top-grade moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry in the summer sun and assures that you’ll be comfortable all round long, no matter what conditions you find yourself playing in.

I had the opportunity to play on back-to-back days recently in my Ben Hogan gear — the first day, it was 88 and sunny, the next was windy and 62 (I live in New England) and in both rounds, my Ben Hogan gear was perfect for the job and I never once felt like what I was wearing was costing me strokes.

Style and Selection

When it comes to some of the bigger golf clothiers, what they have in price and performance, they lack in style and selection. That’s not to say they aren’t stylish, but they don’t often offer all of the choices you’d like. Ben Hogan’s line gives you plenty of choices.

It doesn’t matter what your preferred design is or your favorite color pallet might be — you can find it through Ben Hogan.

Also, with the Ben Hogan line, you can buy the shirts that you see being worn by Marc Leishman. With some of the other brands, you can’t. There may be one or two options that you see your favorite player wearing that you can also buy, but a lot of times their wardrobe is theirs and will never be yours. That’s not the case with the Ben Hogan collection.

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Source: Ben Hogan/Walmart


Despite everything I’ve already mentioned, the best part of Ben Hogan golf polo’s is the price — the insanely affordable price.

First of all, these shirts are available at Walmart — which means they’re going to be affordable. You’re not going to have to worry about dropping $80 for a shirt. In fact, for that price, you can buy four Ben Hogan shirts.

Starting at $15.97, you can easily get yourself an entire new golf wardrobe that’ll make you the style envy of your group. The collection is available at your local Walmart or at

Final Thoughts

Before having the opportunity to do this review, I honestly never really thought about Ben Hogan or Walmart as a golf clothier — but I was wrong not to. For some reason, I figured that golf polo’s under $20 at Walmart would be these heavy, cotton sweat machines that would do nothing but pull me down during a round of golf.

Ben Hogan performance golf polo’s are nothing like that. These shirts rival the performance of anything you could buy from other brands worn by stars like Spieth, McIlroy, Jason Day or Brooks Koepka.

If you’re looking to improve or re-vamp your golf wardrobe, you’d certainly be remiss not to consider adding Ben Hogan performance golf polo’s to your repertoire.

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