Rickie Fowler News: PLAYERS Champ Fires Back at Swing Critics

The internet machine is simultaneously one of the greatest and most frustrating places in the world — and that’s especially true if you’re a celebrity — like Rickie Fowler!

For must of us, the fact that Fowler shares his (quite enviable) life on social media is enjoyable. It’s cool to see his wild rides courtesy of Red Bull, rounds of golf in tropical destinations or of even just pictures of his girlfriend, Alexis Randock.

Others still, however, insist on using it to take jabs at celebs — including Fowler. More specifically, at his golf swing.

On a post to the PGA Tour’s Instagram account, a couple dopes decided to take some shots at how flat Fowler’s back swing is. Fowler, who I would’ve assumed had better things to do, fired back:

Source: Golf Digest

“@[email protected] @hayden__molen @dumont_6 we can play for money anytime you boys want…doesn’t matter what it looks like…I’m the one out here playing”

For the record — Fowler is currently in South Korea representing the United States in the Presidents Cup, he won three times around the world in 2015 and is the 5th ranked player in the world.

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Seriously, guys — this was whose swing you decided to critique? This is the bear you wanted to poke?

P.S. — I’d LOVE to see Rickie Fowler play these guys for money. My guess is he could beat these clowns left-handed.

[h/t Golf Digest]

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