Voice Caddie SC200: Personal Portable Launch Monitor

Today’s golfer is all about getting detailed information about the swing. How we do that varies from golfer to golfer. Some of us head to the nearest golf shop and pay to have someone analyze our swing from smash factor to swing speed. Then there are some of us who call up our local pro and set up a lesson on their ‘launch monitor’ and again shell out more dollars to see where we are at with the swing specifics. And this doesn’t just happen once, we do over and over and over.

What would it be like to have your very own portable launch monitor that can give you every bit of information you seek at your fingertips. That would be the coolest right? You can head to the range on your own time for as long as you want with your portable launch monitor. Sounds amazing right? To top it off…it is affordable!

Well, we at Bunkers Paradise had the opportunity to try out Voice Caddie’s SC200 Portable Launch Monitor. I will admit I was pleased to get the call to do the review. Why? Because I am an old school girl who really wants to see if the launch monitor is all it says it is. Yup–> The VC SC200 was embarking into the ‘Kate Hughes Review Challenge Testing Center’. Trust me, I take my time, really dig deep and give it the challenge it deserves. I took the portable launch monitor out more that once. I believe a product must be tried over a period of time vs. a 5 minute look.


Let’s see how the Voice Caddie SC200 Portable Launch Monitor faired at the Bunkers Paradise Kate Hughes Review Center Boot Camp.


Here are a few of the Features that make this Portable Launch Monitor the one to consider:

Barometric Pressure Calibration: Built into the VC SC200, the barometric pressure sensor automatically calibrates itself to give you the best and most accurate reading

Voice Distance Output: New to the VC Launch Monitor family. This is very cool as you get immediate voice output after every shot. In other words, the VC SC200 tells you your distances after every swing allowing for a quicker reset to continue your practice session without stopping to look down and read your distances per swing.

Practice and Target Modes
Practice/Target Mode Display

Practice, Target and Approach Modes:  Practice Mode displays your shot distance, swing speed and smash factor, as well as your time played and total shot count. Target Mode lets you set a target distance to test your consistency. Approach Mode sets random target distances to challenge your accuracy. These ‘Modes’ are so incredibly cool giving your practice a great workout!

Approach/Stats Display

Statistics:  VCSC200 stores your stats for each club so you can review at your convenience. Think about it. You can keep track and review averages at your leisure without having to seek out another session with a pro or golf store’s launch monitor.

Ball Speed and Smash Factor: The  Swing Caddie 200 uses your club speed (swing) and the ball speed to calibrate your smash factor. This alone can assist you in building consistency in your swing.

Loft Angle Adjustment: SC200 allows you to adjust the loft angle for each club to help you dial in the most accurate reading possible. You tell the monitor the loft angle vs. it being average or generic. This is a very nice feature to have. Trust me.

Remote Control: Awesome feature. How nice to have a small and light weight remote in your pocket so you can make setting adjustments in the palm of your hand vs. bending down to grab monitor, make adjustments and then have to place it back perfectly where you had it. Thumbs up on this one!

If I was able to give a rating on features, it would get the highest rating of 5.0.


Swing Caddie 2 LM

When all is said and done, you really can’t go wrong with the portable launch monitor. It is sleek, small in size but large in output. It gives you a nice 4″ LCD display at only 7.3 ounces. This portable launch monitor sits behind you taking in all your swing information for you to make appropriate adjustments. Very discreet if that is what you need. In other words, there is no bulky device capturing your every move…just a little monitor with its own remote catching your shots and giving you immediate feedback.

Overall look is spot on. I give the VC SC200 a 4.5 rating for look


Here is a quick look at what the output on the SC200 means before I get into performance specifics:

Display meaning

Right from the start, the Voice Caddie SC200 is amazing. The screen output is spot on and gives you all the information you seek with each and every mode. There is nothing left to the imagination…all you need is there for your analysis.

VC SC200 Voice

But what really took me by pleasant surprise was the voice output telling me my shot’s distance after every swing. How cool is that!? I was able to stay at my hitting area and listen to the SC200 tell me how far the ball flew. In the past, I would have to lean down to look, compute and then get ready to address another shot. Now, easy peasy. It tells you and you can quickly make your adjustments.

Along with the impressive voice command, the VC SC200 allowed me to control the loft angle of each club and input it manually. For me this is important, as most of my clubs have been tweaked a bit and I wanted to be sure I was receiving the correct information post shot.

Accuracy. This is the most vital part of my review. Did the Voice Caddie SC200 hit the numbers accurately and consistently? Simple answer: YES. I am a bit more tuned in than most with distances. I know exactly how far each club carries and rolls post landing. Therefore, I was very diligent in making sure this particular Portable Launch Monitor was precise. The verdict–> It was never off more that 1 yard in the 8 times I took it out to test. Nice job Voice Caddie.

One more thing that was really a nice feature and easy to review was the statistics mode. I was able to look at the past 100 shots to see how my shots were trending on distances, swing speed, smash factor, etc. Great to have this feature because I can see how it can be very effective in overall game improvement.


After a very thorough review process and testing, I give the Voice Caddie Swing Caddie 200 a Performance rating of 4.8


I am very impressed with the New Voice Caddie SC200. They really did a nice job improving their Portable Launch Monitor line. The voice output alone is worth it. But really, there are so many pros with regard to this particular unit. It is portable, easy to understand, very easy to use and it delivers on its promise to give the golfer a tool to help improve their game.

VC SC200 Collage

When you get a chance, take good look at the Voice Caddie SC200 when thinking about taking your game to the next level! I, on behalf of Bunkers Paradise, was quite impressed and honored  give it a very good and long test to make sure it was the real deal. It is without a doubt.

As always, we here at Bunkers Paradise love to hear your feedback, thoughts and questions. Feel free to let us know what is on your mind.

As my dad always said, “Hit all fairways, hit all greens and one putt.” Happy Golfing!!


‘keep smiling and always believe’


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