Was Pettersen’s Solheim Blunder Really That Bad? | Bunkers Mailbag

It’s hard to believe that the 2014-15 PGA Tour season is contesting its final event this week. It seems like just yesterday the was teeing off in California.

With the culmination of the Solheim Cup and the beginning of the Tour’s $10 Million FedExCup occuring so close together, there’s certainly been plenty to ponder in the golf world recently.

With that in mind, inquiring minds need to know — that’s why we put together this mailbag every week. Once again, you had some pretty interesting questions — Here are the ones that were asked most frequently this week:

Donald R., Cromwell, Connecticut“Was Suzann Pettersen’s ‘lack of concession’ really that big a deal? I’m kind of new to the game and it looked like a major over-reaction.”

It’s not so much the lack of concession that ticked me off, but the way it went down. If you watch the video, Pettersen and Hull so very clearly walk off the green — which, to me, is where the lack of sportsmanship shows through. It’s also a pretty universal sign to the other player that their next putt has been conceeded.

jordan spieth ap2
Source: Titleist

Sure, Alison Lee should have checked — and in my opinion, there shouldn’t be any gimmes outside of 3 inches that late in a match like that anyway — but for the Europeans to walk off then call foul was a bit of BS to me.

Luckily — as an American — it didn’t end up hurting the U.S. In fact, it’s hard to argue that it didn’t help them.

Mark L., Riverside, California“Who do you think should be named PGA Tour Player of the Year?”

I think the final decision comes down to what happens at East Lake. Let’s face it, Jason Day and Jordan Spieth are not only one and 1-A in the world of golf right now, they’re that on the favorites list this week in Atlanta. If either should win the Tour Championship, I think the title automatically goes to the winner — if neither wins, I think I give it to Spieth.

Why? For as dominant as Day has been lately, Spieth was early in the year. I’d hate to see Spieth over looked for POY because he accomplished much of his winning before July. Should Day be chosen, I’d just want to make sure Spieth’s snub (and you can hardly call it that) wasn’t simply a case of who has done more lately.

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Gordon S., Newcastle, England“Can you believe Rory McIlroy’s comments about not caring about $10 million? Out of touch much, Rors?”

Yes I can — the guy is loaded. Ten million is a ton of money, but I’m not ready to pile on about the kid being out of touch. Let’s be honest: if you want to attack and vilify the out of touch on the PGA Tour, Rory McIlroy wouldn’t crack the top 50. Everything is relative to everyone. The things we have to worry about, Rory doesn’t and vice versa.

And besides — the quote was taken a little of our context. Rors acknowledged that he is lucky to be in that position where it doesn’t mean the world to him and continued to explain that he was more interested in squaring off against the top 3o players in FedExCup points and adding a FedExCup to his illustrious resume. So pipe down.

rory mcilroy business insider
Source: Business Insider

Melanie H., Toluca Lake, California“If you could trade places with one Tour pro for a day, who would it be and why?” 

I’ve got to admit, I’ve never really thought about this one, but if I’ve got to pick one it’d be Adam Scott. Why? Well, first of all — it’d be a monumental upgrade in the looks and golf swing department. Second — and most important — is because he’s a Masters champion. For someone who worships at the altar or Augusta National, the Masters tournament and the mystique that surrounds the property, being able to gain access to all the rooms and places that so precious few ever have would be golf-nerd heaven.

Jacob R., Cedar Rapids, Iowa“Do you know who the Secret Tour Pro is?” 

Jacob — in the words of Angelica from “Rugrats,” “If you have to ask, you’ll never know.”

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