Imperial Headwear: A Perfect Fit for Any Lifestyle

With fall upon us, how many of us are running from the course to a ballgame or to a friends home to catch your favorite collegiate football team play their hearts out? I know I am!

And the one thing that really irks me is having a hat for course and then having to change it because it just won’t go with my next ‘adventure’ of the day.

I had a chance to step up for Bunkers Paradise when Imperial Headwear asked for a review of their new line of hats. I was all over this because I wanted to challenge them and see if their hat fit well, stayed put on windy golf days, stood up to the weather solid weather changes and looked good on an off the course.

About Imperial Headwear

Tailgate Imperial
Source: Imperial

From Imperial Headwear:

From the Clubhouse to the beachhouse — and everywhere in between

Imperial is all about the finer things in life. The back nine at dusk. Cool breeze on a warm night. Relaxing with friends at the beach. Backyard oyster roasts in the fall. Saturday tailgating done right.

We believe life is a series of moments and you better be ready for them. Our mission is to prepare you for endless opportunity by providing style and comfort.

Expert craftsmanship is something we consider a tradition at Imperial. We pay close attention to every detail and every stitch on everything we make. Classic with a twist is what we aim for, and we’ve been doing it since 1916.

It simply doesn’t get any better than The Imperial Life. Go ahead … tee it up.

Imperial Headwear offers 8 collections to choose from. When asked what I was interested in for the review, I went for the Flag Collection to honor the 2015 Solheim Cup. It was an honor and really great to be reviewing the hat during the amazing Solheim Cup Match!

Did you know:

Imperial Headwear has been named the Official Headwear of the prestigious Solheim Cup that took place Sept. 18-20 at St. Leon-Rot Golf Club near Heidelberg, Germany.

Imperial Headwear is very excited to be the Official Headwear of this amazing event. Being able to say Imperial outfitted the United States team headwear is a great testament to our brand and product quality.

Imperial Headwear has been a wonderful, long-time partner of the LPGA,” says 2017 Solheim Cup tournament director Chris Garrett. We are thrilled that the U.S. team will be wearing Imperial as they look to win back the Cup in Germany next month.~ says David Shaffer, director of marketing at Imperial Headwear.

How about that! Bunkers Paradise had the opportunity to review a hat that already has its place in history with an amazing win by Team USA. Let’s just say the hat never came off my head over Solheim Cup weekend.

Now let’s take a deeper look at why Imperial Headwear can be your go to for headwear on and off the course.


My first outing with my new Flag Collection Imperial Headwear hat was taking in a collegiate football game. It was a scorcher with the sun blaring. My Imperial Headwear fit snug but not too tight. I love the fact that you can adjust it easily and make it fit just they way you want.

Tailgate Imperial Headwear
Source: Kate Hughes

There are times I want it a bit loser and times I need to batten down the hatches when the wind is blowing. The Imperial Headwear hat felt perfect on my head especially jumping up and down cheering.

After my tailgate/football game day, I took the hat out for a few spins on the course. It was light on my head and felt good atop the noggin. I especially like the look of it as I received many complements by my playing parters and lots of requests on how to get one while hanging out in the clubhouse.

When you really break the look and feel down, you can understand why it is a great hat. It is classic and the Flag is woven in with incredible detail and creates a fabulous look and feel. Love the cotton twill fabric with its soft feel but totally durable.

Two final touches that bring the hat together:  a cool silver adjustment buckle in back and a simple Imperial back loop label. Nice touch.

Overall, the Imperial Flag Collection hat fit marvelously and looking awesome on my head. I give look, feel and fit a 4.5


Of course you may have already gotten a bit of a taste on how it performed, but let lay it all out for you. The Imperial Headwear Flag Collection hat performed beautifully.

I am a stickler when it comes to a hat the fits well, looks good and stays put! I gave this little hat a run for its money! Let’s face it, there are many out there to chose from and when all is said and done, you need a hat that is simply an extension of you and not an added appendage.

Through multiple rounds, gusty winds, football games, 2 fun BBQ’s and chasing my toddler around, the hat from Imperial Headwear made the grade. It kept its shape, it allowed me to run from a round of golf to a BBQ without changing hats (trust me, when you have hat hair you want to keep the hat on at all times!) and it looks amazing.

Last performance point:  this particular hat (and really all the collections) gave my head the ability to breath during some really hot rounds of golf (and I mean heat not shooting lights out ).

It is really important for me to have a hat that I know will allow air to flow through the hat and give you some relief. I know that Imperial makes hats specific for ‘cooling’ but I did find this particular hat to allow my head to be more at peace with the weather than fighting it.

I give the Imperial Headwear hat a 4.5 in performance.

Final Thoughts

Collage Imperial 1
Source: Imperial

Having a chance to review a hat was fun for me because I am known around these parts as ‘the girl that wears hats’. I guess it is kind of my thing since I am either at the course or heading someplace where I want to protect my head.

Let me tell you all a little secret: Don’t ever play without a hat on. I did many years ago in Nevada and will be paying the rest of my life for it after receiving 2nd degree burns on my scalp. I was only out there for 5 1/2 hours, but the damage is done. Now I always wear a hat outside to protect my head and I always want one that looks good and does its job. My advice: keep your head covered.

Check Imperial Headwear out here and see what you think. I know you will be as pleased as I was with this awesome lid!

In my humble opinion, you will love your lid from Imperial Headwear. Oh and just think, you will be wearing the official headwear of the 2015 USA Solheim Cup Winners! –> A very cool added bonus!

We at Bunkers Paradise thank you for your continued support and welcome any and all feedback. Keep it in the short grass!

‘keep smiling and always believe’

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