Srixon Z355 Driver Review: Action Mass for Massive Distance


Srixon has introduced its newest driver, the Z355. Having recently just tried a Srixon driver for the first time in the Z545, my expectations were high for the newest addition to the family.

According to Srixon, the Z355 was developed as a driver for “massive distance, and the key technology that gives you that edge is Action Mass.” Although I wasn’t sure what the Action Mass entailed, I definitely know that I strive for massive distance. Let’s see just what this driver brought to the table.


From Srixon –

  • Action Mass – A heavier head weight plus an ultra-high balance point shaft combine to deliver incredible consistency with maximum distance and forgiveness.


  • Engineered for Consistency – The 211-gram, 450CC driver head features the ultra-high balance point Miyazaki Jinsoku shaft to help increase ball speed while promoting a more consistent, stable swing.


  • QTS Adjustability – Simplicity and 12 unique settings for loft, lie, and face angle.
  • 6-4 TI Cup Face – Fast and powerful titanium cup face construction creates an even larger sweet spot for increased consistency and distance off the tee.


The Srixon Z355 keeps it simple in terms of looks, similar to the entire Srixon line of drivers. Comparing the Z355 to the previously reviewed Srixon Z545 driver, the two clubs seem almost identical looking down at the club head at address. The Z355’s 450cc driver head has the classic black glossy finish, which contrasts nicely with the bright red Miyazaki Jinsoku shaft.

Considering how similar the Z355 and Z545 drivers look at address, the Z355 presented some of the same issues for me. There was no alignment aid on the club face, which I personally prefer to help me get started. Also, the glossy finish created some glare off the club head, which some people may not prefer.


The Srixon Z355 may look similar to the other drivers in the Srixon family, but it definitely stood out in terms of feel.

Upon first swing, the one thing I immediately noticed was how I much I could feel the weight of the club head throughout the swing. During my first few swings, it felt like the heavier club head was lagging behind the rest of the club during my downswing, something I had never really felt before with any driver.

This was Srixon’s Action Mass Technology at work. The lighter shaft (57g) combined with the heavier club head (211g) really lets you feel what the club head is doing. I knew this would take some getting used to.


I might be the poster child for the phrase “Grip it and rip it” when it comes to letting it fly off the tee. I love just swinging for the fences. However, I quickly realized the Srixon Z355 driver was not made for that type of swing.

After the first few drives with the Z355, I noticed I was pushing all my drives to the right and couldn’t get over the feel of the heavier club head. I made the adjustment to swing slower and smoother and got back to hitting the drives I’m accustomed to.

Even with the slower, smoother swing, I was surprisingly not losing much yardage off the tee with the Z355, easily hitting my normal 270-280 yards with my usual mid to high trajectory. The Action Mass technology took some getting used to, but once I got used to the high balance point in the shaft, the driver produced some solid results.

Similar to the Z545 driver, the Z355 also produced in terms of forgiveness. Although I was swinging nice and smooth, it’s safe to say I wasn’t hitting the clubface square on every shot. My mishits off the toe were still producing a nice high trajectory without too much of a loss in yardage. One thing I’ve noticed with these Srixon drivers is that they still produce results on the mishits.



If you have that smooth driver swing and don’t want to sacrifice distance, the Srixon Z355 driver was made for you. The club’s technology allows for both distance and accuracy, so if that’s what you’re looking for off the tee (who isn’t???), then give the Srixon Z355 a try.

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