Voice Caddie T2 Hybrid GPS Watch: Golf/Fitness All-in-One

Golf is an amazing sport. You hit your little whit ball, chase it, find it…and then you need to figure out how far out you are from your target. You stand there sometimes a ways from the fairway plates that have yardage to the middle. You realize a tree is also blocking your view. The question…How far am I from the green? The Answer: It is on your wrist.

The market is filled with a variety of GPS devices that give you yardages from all over the course to the hole. But I have found one that can stand on its own and is sure to be your go-to for golf and fitness. Voice Caddie has expanded their impressive line of GPS devices that can take you from the golf course to your fitness session or vice versa. The P Watch is truly one of a kind and a piece of equipment you may want to invest in.

I think the only thing this watch cannot do is drive your golf cart! One can only hope!

Time to dig deeper and let you in on what I call ‘My VC T2 Hybrid Buddy’.


The features on the VC T2 GPS Hybrid Watch are amazing. They call it a hybrid for a reason and let me show you exactly why it has earned my respect!

It is a Golf GPS Watch:

VC T2 Golf Watch

VC T2 Keeping Score

This awesome arm candy GPS device has over 30,000 golf courses worldwide loaded into it’s brain. It features automatic hole recognition, front/center/back distance measurements, smart scoring (keeps your score in the watch as you play), and swing tempo analysis. Talk about staying on top of your game.

It is a Fitness Watch:

Keep Fit VC T2 Watch

Just think, you can leave the course and head to the gym for a workout or take a run outside without changing to another watch that can keep track of your workouts. You will be able to keep track of your running/walking speeds, how far you have traveled and how many calories you have burned. Can you say new best friend?!

It goes with you on a bike ride:

Cycle Mode VC T2 Watch

So you need to get away from the course and take on the hills and roads around your home. The Voice Caddie T2 Hybrid GPS Watch can tag along too. This little baby will track time, speed, distance and calories burned right there on your wrist helping you reach your goals. Awesome! How about peddling to the course and back…I see this in my future!

One thing to mention under features is it comes with a charger (USB cable) and is very easy to recharge using your computer or iPhone charger in my case. The charge lasts around 10 hours using the GPS and about 6 weeks without using GPS. I have really only been using it with the GPS and it is right on target with the 10 hours claimed.

As you can see, this watch can keep you on track with all your golf and fitness goals.


When it comes to wearing a Golf GPS device, I want to be sure it fits snug, is comfortable and looks good. I don’t want to notice/feel the accessory on my wrist during the swing.  The Voice Caddie T2 Hybrid GPS watch is housed in a very stylish body design that does not hinder my swing at all.  It is sleek and thin. Only 2.12 oz.

VC T2 Yardage

What I was drawn to is it fits my wrist. I have a very small wrist and most of the time I have to take many links out of a new watch or ‘create’ my own holes for a leather band to fit correctly. The VC T2 has a multitude of adjustment ‘slots’ so it fits any golfer’s wrist comfortably and securely. Huge Bonus.

It is the little things that can impact your mental game. When something looks good, you feel good and can play better with a positive feeling. I love the way the VC T2 wraps around my wrist and it simply an extension of my arm.


Now lets get down to the nuts and bolts of the VC T2 GPS Hybrid Watch. Can it do everything it says it can do? Simply stated: YES.

VC T2 Watch Collage

Once I opened the box I must admit I was slightly nervous when it listed out all it could do. My first thought was that it would take a day to figure it all out. Boy was I wrong. In minutes, the watch was on and I was on my way to improved fitness and better golf.

The watch is so easy to use. The buttons are easy to press and easy to understand without even reading the directions. You see, I like to take a look at a product and play with it before I read up on how to use it just to see how easy it is to get it up and running without directions. Peace of cake!

On and off the course it performed spot on. While playing, it was easy to keep score while walking…no need for a score card and pencil, it is all right there at the touch of a couple buttons conveniently on your wrist. Love the Smart Scoring and how it performs. This new Smart Scorecard feature provides auto scoring by detecting how many shots you’ve taken on each hole and it asks you to record it before your next tee shot. In addition, it has the ability to analyse your round shot by shot when you’ve finished. Super awesome if you ask me.

By the end of the round, I knew my score without having to add it up. And after the round, your score is uploaded into the Voice Caddie Manager so you can keep track and analyze your game and work on the things you need to improve. As an added performance feature, you can use the Aerial Map View mode that comes as part of the downloadable T2 Data Manager software. Super awesome. 

I really could keep going with regards to the Voice Caddie T2 GPS Hybrid Watch performance. I ran/walked with it, rode my bike with it and played multiple rounds with it and each an every time it performed perfectly.


Final Thoughts

How brilliant is it to have one watch that can do so many things. You no longer need to switch watches just to play golf.  You can wear the T2 on the course, in the gym, while you exercise outdoors, at work and out on the town. It is an watch, a fitness tool, GPS Rangefinder, a stopwatch and and alarm clock all snuggled around your wrist.

If you’re worried that it may sound too complicated, please note that it definitely is easy to use. Voice Caddie has done it again and brought us a wonderful addition to our positive golfing experience.

I absolutely love ‘My VC T2 Hybrid Buddy’. This in one accessory that is not coming off this arm any time soon. I am off to play another round with my fashionable watch and then off to the gym.

Check out Voice Caddie and the products they have including the Voice Caddie T2 GPS Hybrid Watch: Voice Caddie The Original You will not be disappointed!

Let us know here at Bunkers Paradise your thoughts and if you get a change to grab yourself a T2. We love hearing from our BP Community.


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