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Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas Beat Mickelson, Fowler 1-Up

Phil Mickelson is famous for his practice round money matches — it’s an honor amongst players to be invited into the four-ball made up of Mickelson and his cronies.

On Tuesday, Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas — two great friends dating back to their days as junior golfers — squared off against Lefty and Rickie Fowler at Whistling Straits.

Despite all the trash talk and impressive play by Mickelson and Fowler, Spieth and Thomas reportedly won 1-up.

Spieth took to Twitter to confirm the victory, though he declined to throw any post-round shade Lefty’s way:

Now, Jordan Spieth probably didn’t learn a heck of a lot here. It’s hard to teach the kid who has already won the Masters and U.S. Open much of anything other than nuances of the course — but you’ve got to believe Justin Thomas earned the experience of a lifetime.

Seriously, think about the money those guys had to be playing for, the money that Spieth, Mickelson and Fowler have earned and could afford to throw down and then what Thomas has earned over the course of his short career?

Safe to say Sunday at the PGA Championship won’t be quite as intimidating should he find himself in contention. In fact, I think the line on Justin Thomas just moved….

[h/t Golf Channel]

Tiger Woods Makes Joke, Does Not Go Over Well

Tiger Woods is a lot of things — one of those things is not “comedian.” 

On Tuesday at his press conference, Woods asked about potentially having “lost a step,” to which Woods made one of the least-well received jokes in comedy history. Just watching the video is awkward: 

Ouch. I don’t often feel bad for Tiger Woods — but watching this made me feel sick. That’s worse than being left hanging for a high-five or even being ignored completely.

Good thing Tiger doesn’t tell jokes for a living. A moment like that for a comedian is like a golfer developing the chipping yips, totally handicapping the — oh, wait.

Sorry, Tiger.

[h/t Barstool Sports]

Social Standout

The PGA Tour really doesn’t want what happened to Dustin Johnson in 2010 to happen to anyone in 2015 — So they’re doing everything they can to get the attention of players. That includes papering the men’s locker room bathrooms with the information:

golf digest urinal
Source: Golf Digest

I guess everyone has to go to the bathroom, right? I mean, you’re kind of a captive audience? At this point, if anyone pulls a Dustin Johnson this year, there’ll be no confusion.

Smart move the by PGA of America — just hammer home the information so at the end of the day your rear end is covered — just weird to see rules notices posted over the urinal. [h/t Golf Digest]

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Watchout Wednesday

Don’t you just hate it when you get sneak attacked by a guy in a kangaroo suit? Wait, what?

Damn marsupial wannabes.

[h/t Golf Digest]

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