Oakley GasCans & Revant Optics: Easy Style & Performance

When you think of performance eyewear, you almost automatically think of the name “Oakley.”

The California brand has been innovating and outperforming their competition for years, making them the must-have shades no matter what game you play. Oakley’s Gascan sunglasses are perfect for golfers or anyone just looking to get the most from their performance eyewear.

Recently, I had the opportunity to demo a pair, and I have to tell you — I was blown away. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but their light weight, stylish and the polarized lenses have made my time as a country club caddie a slice of pie.


For me, the style of my sunglasses have never been a priority. I will admit, I never really wore them until I was asked to try the Oakley GasCans and the Revant Optics lenses.


I’ve always liked Oakley’s style, but being a dopey looking guy with a big head and round face, I never thought they’d look good on me. The GasCans are just big enough to look good on my face without sacrificing the sporty look.

The Revant Optics Elite MirrorShield lenses come in a number of different colors and hues, meaning you can turn your GasCans into a look that’ll really gel with your personality.

The sleek style combined with the options provided by Revant makes this team the perfect combo for stylish performance.

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Besides the classic Oakley look, when you think Oakley, you think about polarized lenses. As a golfer, there’s nothing better than having these — not only when it’s bright and sunny, but when the skies are overcast and picking a ball out from the gray sky is harder than keeping frogs in a wheelbarrow.

The two lenses I tried were the standard lense in bronze and the Revant Elite MirrorShield lenses. While the bronze lenses looked cool and did their job, the clarity and durability of the Revant Elite MirrorShield lenses blew me away.

revant optics oakley.instagram
Source: Instagram.com/Revantoptics

As a country club caddie, I use my GasCans and the Revant Elite MirrorShield lenses almost non-stop at the course. Wayward tee shots or towering pop-ups that used to be hell to follow have been a snap. Members are constantly impressed with my ability to locate their terrible shots — and it’s all because of the Elite MirrorShield lenses.


I’m clumsy and have a big head. As I’ve stated before, my shades spend quite a bit of time on my hat while they’re not in use — and sometimes, they fall off. The worst is when I’m raking a bunker and they fall into the sand. Normally, this is a death sentence for lenses, but these resilient shades came out scratch-free.

Honestly, it was at that moment I was sold. I’m pretty tough on equipment, so if it’s durability impresses me, that’s saying something.

I have read other reviews that worry about the iridium coating on the lenses scratching more easily, but I haven’t had an issue with it as of yet. Maybe I’m just not as tough as I thought I was.

If your lenses do scratch, the only way to fix them is to replace the lenses, which, unfortunately, will cost you more money. That being said, doing so is relatively inexpensive.


As someone who never used to actually wear their sunglasses, I have to admit I’m now a full-fledged, Oakley wearing, sunglass-loving monster. I swear by them and wear these Gascan shades all the time. Thanks to the Revant Optics lenses, I’m able to mix and match my style to whatever it is I’m doing.

Sure, they still spend a good deal of time on the visor of my hat, but I’ve never been more inclined to use sunglasses for their intended purpose ever before.


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