Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond Driver


Callaway ups the ante with their Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond for those golfers looking for maximum clubhead speed, lower spin and maximum distance. Gravity core, multiple loft/lie/face angle settings, and moveable weights provide the most customization options yet.



Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond is the perfect choice if you need ultra low spin to maximize distance. The face is lighter from R•MOTO, and we use the leftover weight to move the CG low.

From Callaway:

• Maximum Distance from Lower Spin – This is the lowest spinning driver we’ve ever made. If you have the ball speed and launch conditions to match, extreme distance will be there.

• Lighter Weight In The Face Leads To Low CG – Remember this name – R•MOTO. It’s the new face technology that provides structure and saves weight leading to higher ball speeds all across the face. And we use that weight to move the CG low and more forward to give you even more speed.

• Adjustable Launch Conditions – We modified the crown of the driver so we could fit a taller Gravity Core. This gives you more spin separation between low and high settings. All without changing loft or face angle.

• Compact Head Shape – The players who use this kind of driver like a deeper face, and that’s what we’re giving them. The shape of the crown and face angle at address all suit better players’ eyes.

• OptiFit Adjustability – 8 way adjustability for loft (-1, S, +1, +2) and lie angle (Draw or Neutral), along with Draw and Neutral CG settings.


Looks I like to think don’t make a difference, but let’s face it, it does! I do love the racing colors of red, black, white. The sole looks hi-tech like a Nuclear Reactor and you know it has a Gravity Core so that make sense. There is a lot going on on the sole which I know turns a few off to clubs but this club gets it right with the aesthetics, and it especially shines from the address view which for me is what matters.
At address, the sleek black head reminds me of the compact pear shaped heads of the late 90’s early 2000’s. I definitely like the black face as it addresses the ball with a sense of class and sophistication. The crown is clean, black and stealthy! Alignment aids don’t bother me but the 815 DBD doesn’t have one anyway. I felt the head was flatter than most and the view at address exuded a longer club. I haven’t experienced a club with that flat view and I actually liked it.

I tested the club with both a Aldila Rogue 110 MSI 60X and an Oban Isawa. Each shaft I thought went well, but hey, the club is black. I like clean, one color, top lines. This is just smooth and clean so I feel like almost any shaft would be a good match visually. Smart for Callaway there to listen to the lower-amateurs and professionals that want a clean black view, no fuss, no mess.

Roll and bulge refers to the curvature of the face and the crown. The 815 DBD reminded me a lot of the old TaylorMade SuperDeep which has significant roll from the crown to the face. Most won’t notice, but if you are a detail oriented person those types of aesthetics may matter to you. To beginners this roll may make the clubface look very small or they may feel it looks easier to pop up. Something to check out if you thinking of getting an 815 DBD.

How could I finish without mentioning that amazing headcover! It looks fantastic. Others have noted it looks like a boxing glove and I’d agree with that. Also like a sleek motorcycle racing jacket with speed stripes and all. For sure a head turner in any bag, the designers hit a home run here.

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I got to hit the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond for the first time with Matt at the Lakes driving range in El Segundo. I came in with little recent Callaway experience but I am not brand loyal to any other. I was really excited, not just because this is my first review for Bunkers Paradise but also because I was going to get to hit the Rogue outdoors which was my first outdoor session with that shaft.

Back to the head, if you can’t find something that works with those 8 different loft/lie options and the Gravity Core, and the two sole weights, you need to seek out professional help. Finding the center of the club and creating a ball flight / target line you prefer is assured with this many options which is great. Having confidence when you swing that the club will perform as desired and expected exudes confidence. Feeling confident translates to better/longer drives.

The feel off the face is great! Very solid feeling. Even off the toe (where more than of few of my shots were struck from) still felt great. The stock Rogue shaft lived up to its reputation of being a smooth shaft. The length was a tad long for me so I felt like I was swinging a long pendulum club. (Personal note, I don’t prefer to choke up on grips, just can’t do it. So I switched to the Isawa Matt had with a Callaway adapter so I could hit a shorter shaft.) The Isawa was great and I definitely preferred the length of the shaft. The 815 DBD really turned up a gear now and I was hitting some great shots.


I kind of went in blind and just start hitting balls. I didn’t play with many adjustments at first to just set a baseline for stock settings performance. I quickly noticed I was starting on my target line and draw that turned a bit more than I’m used to. I turned the head open 1 degree and started hitting it closer to my target line and preferred flight path. I usually don’t tinker much and play many clubs to standard specs but the 1 degree was what I needed.

The flight with the Rogue was long and mid-height. I was at the range of my current gamer and popped a few 5-yards past my gamer so that was nice. I did notice just a touch of shaft shuddering at impact but I will chalk that up to the big rubber tee at the range. On the course (I have 54 holes in with the 815 DBD now) it wasn’t an issue. But I thought it was worth noting for any of you testers that hit inside stores on big rubber tees.

Distance wise I was hitting it around 285y on the course. I did roll 2 over 300 my 2nd round but distance is relative to your swing. Fairly close to my typical numbers, so no eye popping distance gain claims, but well in the range to keep hitting it.

Spin appeared to be low as advertised but I didn’t have a chance to get on a launch monitor to check. Visually it passed the test as I did not experience any ballooning. The club is compact and for the better player along with workability comes the ability to turn the ball. I could work the club both directions but had the best results with a power fade my natural shot shape.


If I had to describe the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond in one word it can be summed up with “Solid”, this club rocks. Drives were mid-height and flighted with no ballooning. The ability to turn it either direction was great. The sound was more muted than many of today’s 460cc heads, not much echo or ear piercing cannon blasts. I would recommend this club to lower handicappers looking to increase distance through adjustability. Double Black Diamond points to the path traveled by experienced / advanced skiers. Experienced / advanced Golfers are the target market for this product.


Mens Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond Drivers Product Specs

Model Availability Length Lie CC Total Weight Swingweight – Rogue 60 Swingweight – Black Tie
RH / LH Custom Only 45.5″ Adjustable 460 Adjustable D4 D5
10.5° RH / LH Custom Only 45.5″ Adjustable 460 Adjustable D4 D5

Aldila Rogue 60

Manufacturer Flex Shaft Weight Torque Kickpoint
Aldila Regular 67 mid-low mid-high
Aldila Stiff 69 mid-low mid-high
Aldila X-Stiff 72 mid-low high

Matrix 75M4 Black Tie Graphite Shaft

Manufacturer Flex Shaft Weight Torque Kickpoint
Matrix Regular 72 mid high
Matrix Stiff 75 mid high

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