20 Tips for Golfers to Calm First Tee Nerves, Jitters & Fear


It doesn’t matter who you are — if you’ve played golf, you’ve experienced what we all know as the “first-tee jitters.”

The “jitters” is golfing right of passage. Some people experience them once and never again, others get them every time they step onto the golf course.

Whether you’re a pro or a weekend hack, you know the feeling. The sheer terror that comes when you have no idea where your golf ball is going to go, let alone if you’re going to even make solid contact.

The fear of getting off to a bad start, or embarrassing yourself or whatever it is that triggers what amounts to an internal earthquake is terrible — but there are ways around it.

We reached out on Facebook looking for your best tips to battling the jitters — Here are your top-20 tips to help combat the dreaded first-tee jitters:

20.  Drink a Beer

one does not simply golf without beer

Ah yes, liquid courage — perhaps the most simple, available and effective tool to cure what ails you. Whether it’s talking to a pretty girl or getting off the first tee, beer is your friend.

Not so surprisingly, this was the No. 1 tip you guys had for your fellow golfers on Facebook. You can’t argue with the numbers there.

Drinking beer works to cure the effects of first tee jitters in multiple ways: it loosens you up and allows you to relax on the tee and it also allows you to not care what happens to your tee shot. It really is a beautiful thing.

Thanks to Scott for the tip:


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Written by BP Staff

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