DraftKings Fantasy Golf Checklist: No Picks from the Heart

You know what every single DraftKings player has in common with one another? They’re all fans.

I mean, you have to be if you want to be good at this, right?

One of the hardest things to do as a fan who is also a fantasy sports manager — be it on DraftKings or in a season-long league — is to separate your fan-brain from your manager-brain.


Basically, your fan-brain is the side that wants to get with the hot girl at the bar who clearly has no interest in you. Your manager-brain knows to ignore the hot girl and go with this slightly less attractive option that is interested in you.

Maybe that’s a dumbed-down analogy, but it’s true. Your idols will kill you in fantasy sports if you continue to pick with your heart and not your head.

The big name guys who everyone loves cost between $10,500 and $13,700.  They’re also the guys that cripple the bottom third of your lineup.

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If you’re spending $13,700 on a guy like the reigning Masters and U.S. Open champ this week at the John Deere Classic, then you’re going to end up paying for it when all you can afford is Trevor Immelman at $5,100 at the end of the draft.

justin thomas golf week
Source: Golf Week

News Flash: It’s not April 2008 and you’re not going to catch lightning in a bottle with Trevor Immelman.

However — if you pass on the reigning Masters and U.S. Open champ this week, then you won’t have to settle on a bottom feeder. You’ll have some flexibility.

Justin Thomas may not be flashy, but he’s consistent. And he’ll only set you back $8,700.

If you do your homework, you’ll realize there’s plenty of value in the middle of the draft. Picking a few guys there will leave you some options when you’re trying to make your final selection.

Hell, you may even find out that you can afford a bigger name?

For instance,  I’m on the fence about taking Zach Johnson this week at the John Deere. His price tag is a wee bit high at $11,700, but no one has a better track record at TPC Deere Run than the 2007 Masters champ. Maybe if I pick a couple solid players in the $7,500 – $8,500 range, I’ll be able to afford ZJ later on.

If you look back, it’s not very often you find guys winning these DraftKings tournaments with more than one player worth more than $10,000. Even then, it’s probably not the highest valued player that’s anchoring the winning roster. It certainly wasn’t the case last week at the Greenbrier?

So when you’re setting your DraftKings roster, remember — just because you root for them doesn’t mean they’re going to provide the value you’re looking for on your roster.

Unless, of course, it’s Rory McIlroy. I would never advocate not picking Rory McIlroy.




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