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Tom Brady May Not Get Into Brookline Country Club — Wait, What?

Just because you’ve won four Super Bowl rings, are married to a supermodel and are (arguably) the single greatest quarterback who has ever lived doesn’t mean you can just waltz into your distinguished local country club and be granted acceptance.

Tom Brady is learning this right now.

Wait, what? You can’t? I thought that was like, the perk of being good at everything in life? Doors just swing open, authority lies down in front of you, etc., right?


According to a report in the Boston Globe, all those things just mentioned may actually work against Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen.

“I don’t know what they’ll do about Brady,” a man only identified as a prominent Boston businessperson to the Globe. “The Country Club believes your name should appear in the newspaper just two times: When you’re born and when you die.”


I guess it makes sense from that standpoint. After all, Tom and Gisele seem to be constantly courted by paparazzi and thus, would present a risk for a club that values privacy above all else.

Well, privacy and integrity.

Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots and most valuable player of Super Bowl XXXVIII, looks over his putt on the third hole at Poppy Hills Golf Course during the AT&T National Pro Am in Pebble Beach, California February 5, 2004. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith  RG - RTRSJ6G
Source: Newsweek

“It’s really about who you are. Do you have good values?” said one member. “It’s that old New England mentality.”

Well — I guess that whole, “Deflate-Gate” BS isn’t going to help matters, either.

“We like it that way,” one member said of the incredibly choosy process. “We don’t want any thugs at the club.”

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The Country Club in Brookline is one of the most famous clubs/courses in golf history. It’s one of five clubs that helped found the USGA, it’s hosted the U.S. Open five times (including the Francis Ouimet’s win in the “Greatest Game Ever Played”) and is slated to host another in 2022.

Add those to the historic Ryder Cup matches there in 1999 and you’ve got one legendary venue.

Being from New England, I hear all the jokes all the time about how Tom Brady is a “god” and that the man can do anything he wants. On one hand, it’s wildly disappointing to think that, after all he’s accomplished, there are still places where that kind of thing doesn’t matter. It’s humbling.


I’m not even a Patriots fan and this is absurd.

That being said, it seems like those members the Globe did catch up to have the Brady’s backs.

“Personally, I hope they get in,” said one long-time member. “I think if Tom and Gisele were at the club playing volleyball, a lot more people would be hanging around.”

That being said, it won’t come down to them — that’s all up to a selection committee.

Which, if anything like an NFL appeals panel, then Brady’s probably screwed.


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