Report: Phil Mickelson Has Nearly $3 Million Tied to Illegal Gambling

Phil Mickelson is once again in the headlines today — but not for anything he’s done on the golf course lately.

According to a report from ESPN’s Outside the Lines, Mickelson transferred $2.75 million over a two year period to an intermediary who has recently been charged in connection with an illegal gambling ring.

Mickelson allegedly transferred the money to Greg Silveira to place bets on sporting events. The alleged transactions took place between February 2010 and February 2013.

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Source: Golf Week

There have been no charges filed against the five-time major champion, though Silveira has pleaded guilty to three counts of money laundering. According to the report, Silveira never actually mentioned Mickelson by name, but did refer to a gambling client named, “P.M.”

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No charges have been filed against Mickelson and isn’t¬†currently under any type of investigation — after all, the sweeps that yielded this information were aimed at bringing down those who facilitate the bets, not those placing them.

For Mickelson, however, ¬†this isn’t his first brush with the authorities over alleged financial missteps.

Mickelson was cleared of wrong doing last summer after a federal investigation into insider trading involving Carl Ichan and noted gambler William T. Walters.

Few players on the PGA Tour are bigger gamblers — or as wealthy — as Phil Mickelson, and it’s a known fact that Mickelson loves to take the action on the course in practice rounds as well as in Las Vegas with the sports books. He’s also been reprimanded by the PGA Tour for his actions, but the Tour did not provide Golf Channel or ESPN with any details per Tour policy.


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