DraftKings Fantasy Golf Review: Major Drama at Chambers Bay

Can you believe that finish on Sunday at Chambers Bay? Simply incredible.

It’s tournaments like that that make gambler’s lives so short. From sky high to rock bottom in the matter of seconds. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat simultaneously exploding all over our television sets. It really is the best, isn’t it?

Well, now that you and I have had a chance to catch our breath, it’s time to look back at the decisions we made last week — the good, the bad and the ugly.


The Good:

Louis Oosthuizen flashes Ricky Fowler a thumbs up after birdying the par 4 6th.
Source: eastbayri.com

Louis Oosthuizen — If you took the 2010 Open Champion for your roster this week, you probably spent all night Thursday cursing yourself for the terrible decision. By Sunday night, however, you’d have kissed Louis Oosthuizen passionately — sight on seen.

That’s because “Shrek” put on on hell of a performance after Thursday’s debacle. All he did to back up that 77 was set a U.S. Open record for low score in the middle two rounds after firing 66-66. He closed with a dramatic 67 on Sunday, including five birdies in his last six holes to finish in a tie for second.

Oosthuizen’s final line — T-2, 39 pars, 18 birdies, 1 eagle, 12 bogies, 1 double bogey and 1 BIR+3 streak for 96.5 points.

Cameron Smith — As far as value from a pick, Cameron Smith definitely brought the most bang for your buck.

As an unheralded pro from the other side of the world, not many could have predicted he’d have as good a week at Chambers Bay as he did.  I mean, he was only owned in 0.4% of games?

Smith’s final line — T-4, 45 pars, 14 birdies, 1 eagle, 11 bogies and 1 double bogey for 82 points.

Tony Finau — Another guy who paid big dividends for those wise enough to choose him was Tony Finau.

Sure, Finau finished the week over par — but for a guy who was only drafted by a little more than 4% of DraftKings’ users, Finau’s 68 fantasy points was a big deal. Someday, this kid will win — potentially even win a major — but he should be taken seriously from a fantasy stand point every week.

Finau’s final line — T-14, 42 pars, 14 birdies, 1 eagle, 12 bogies and 3 double bogies for 68 points.


The Bad:

Ryan Palmer — If there’s been a guy on tour over the last few years who hasn’t won a ton, but provides solid fantasy every week it’s Ryan Palmer. That wasn’t the case this week, however.

At Chambers Bay, Palmer finished T-52 at 10-over par. He wasn’t alone, but for a guy that played all four rounds, his 38 fantasy points was a real let down for owners.

Palmer’s final line — T-52, 50 pars, 7 birdies, 14 bogies and 1 DBW for 38 points.

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Jimmy Walker — Another guy who is generally a stud for fantasy owners but was a bummer at the U.S. Open was Jimmy Walker.

We keep expecting Jimmy Walker to breakthrough and win a major, but the guy hasn’t been great when the lights shine brightest besides being one of the winningest players on tour since the start of 2014.

Maybe he’s just not that guy?

Walker’s final line — T-58, 39 pars, 12 birdies, 18 bogies and 3 double bogies for 43.5 points.


The Ugly:

Tiger Woods — If you’re still putting money on Tiger Woods, I can’t help you anymore. You’re a lost cause. Done. Finished.

tiger mad usopen eurosport
Source: eurosport.com

Unless you’ve been hiding out in a cave for the last seven days, you know that Tiger Woods shot 80-76 and missed the cut at the U.S. Open. Thursday’s disaster was the third time he’s shot 80 in a PGA Tour event. In his previous 1,107 rounds on tour before this year, he’d only done that once.

Woods’ final line — MC, lots and lots of bogies.

Rickie Fowler — Remember last year when Rickie Fowler finished T-2 at Pinehurst in the U.S. Open? Well, this year wasn’t quite as good.

In fact, it was down-right horrible. Fowler shot 81 on Thursday which made missing the cut a mere formality. He fired a disappointing 73 on Friday and went home to his lingerie model girlfriend two days early.

I suppose that’s a nice consolation prize for Rickie, but probably just makes the guys who bet on him all the more frustrated.

Fowler’s final line — MC, even more bogies.


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