DraftKings Fantasy Golf Checklist: Devil in the Details

On the surface, picking a fantasy golf “team” or even just betting the odds straight up at a tournament seems like a complete crap shoot — and sometimes it is. Most of the time, however, the difference between making money and losing it comes down to one simple thing: homework.

As they say, the Devil is in the details.

Doing Your Homework

I wish there were a secret formula or some type of breakfast you could eat that’d help you see into the future, but there isn’t. The only way to be certain you’re making the right choices for your fantasy squad is to dig into the history books and look at trends, track records and pure numbers.

I do all of my daily play at DraftKings.com because the site is the most user-friendly I’ve found.  Heck, they even do some research for you.

When you’re building your team, along with each player’s determined value, there’s also selected statistics to help you make your decision. Top-10’s, scoring average, cuts made and Fantasy Points Per Game are all there at your disposal.

This is what you should look like on Wednesday night if you really want to be a fantasy champion. (Source: imagearcade.com)

Where to do Your Homework

As with anything else, however, you should be doing some external research as well.

Lucky for you (and me) the research is actually quite easy to do, thanks to PGATour.com. Their database is extensive and provides results for players on the PGA Tour for as far back as you care to look.

If you’ve got a hunch about, say, Jonas Blixt this week at the Greenbrier Classic, then look into his history at the event. Just follow these steps:

  • Go to PGATour.com, click on “players” from the top menu
  • Search for Jonas Blixt
  • On his profile page, click “season”
  • Toggle season with “jump to a year” search in mid-right of the page
  • Compare results and trends, make a sound decision

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Making Your Decision

If you look, you’ll see that Blixt collected his second career win at the Greenbrier in 2013 and a T-35 last year. However, you’d also have seen that Blixt’s last eight starts have resulted in seven missed cuts and a T-30 at the AT&T Byron Nelson.

Obviously, he’s got a great track record at the Old White TPC, but is that enough to overcome a major slump?

When it comes to Blixt, the choice is yours — and it all depends on which school of thought you subscribe to.

If you believe momentum plays the largest roll, you might not take the action or add Blixt to your DraftKings squad. If, however, you believe in the “horses for courses” theory, then you might just want to take a look.

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Also, pay attention to some PGATour.com’s early week columns about fantasy picks. Starting with their “Rankings” piece early on Tuesday morning and through their “Sleepers” and “Expert Picks” columns, there’s plenty of great advice for fantasy players like you and me.

Ultimately, fantasy sports are much like every other endeavor in this life — your success is in direct correlation to the work your put in. Sure, some people just make lucky picks, but the folks who find themselves near the top of the list week in and week out do their homework. It’s about time you do, too.



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