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Golf is a sport that is played worldwide and some people believe is more of a leisure sport that doesn’t provide much health benefits. That was yesterday’s thinking and this is today’s insight.

Let’s put it more in perspective. You are playing on quite a large outdoor course with the mindset of chasing a little white golf ball while swinging various clubs as few times as possible to get it into a tiny little hole. In order to hit your next shot, you need to get from point ‘A’ (where you hit the ball from) to point ‘B’ (where the ball currently lies) and many players use a motorized cart.

What if I told you that if you were to walk the course when you play you will build up optimal amount of endurance exercise for your heart? Sounds good to me. I know, you may be saying, ‘I just can’t carry a golf bag around the course like I used to in my younger days’; or ‘my body is too beat up to carry such a weight upon my back, neck, shoulders, hips, legs, knees, etc.’.

Trust me I totally understand as I am in your same boat…I have bad knees, elbow, back, neck…you name it! But I am taking a different attitude to golf these days and going back into my youth and making a better choice at how I will tackle the course and build a healthier body.

Big Max Blade Push Cart

Big Max Blade

While I was away getting come R&R, the people at Big Max reached out to us at Bunkers Paradise with a challenge: give our Big Max Blade Push Cart a try and see how you feel after several rounds. Well, I jumped at the chance to see what was different and special about the Big Max Blade because I have tried many different ‘push carts’ in my life and they all seemed just a bit too heavy and bulky for me. I wanted to change the way I played golf. I wanted to get my health in order. I wanted to enjoy my 4 mile+ walk on the course without pain. I wanted me back.

This won’t be a typical review because I want to go deeper into your senses and have you look into how a simple product can change the way you approach the game…from the inside out.

Heart Healthy Golf

I got the opportunity to really give the Big Max Blade a fair and tough try over the past 2 weeks and I must say that it really gave me back the love of walking the fairways and enjoying a much needed sense of healthy living while playing. –> The Blade by Big Max in Action

Let’s go a bit deeper. You are out there playing golf alone or with friends and either a casual game or competitive round and by the time the round is completed, you will have walked over 4 miles (5-7 kilometers). You are chasing the ball up and down hills while walking, utilizing more muscles than you can imagine. Using ‘The Blade’ allows you to dig deeper in healthy golf pushing the cart up and down those hills…now that’s a work out!

Now, the one thing that I am unable to do now (and maybe many of you in our BP Community) is carry a bag. I did this growing up prior to the double strap and post double strap invention. High School tournaments, college tournaments and nationwide amateur tournaments while carrying my bag was par for the course. Back in my day we did not have the option to use a ‘pull/push cart’. I truly believe it took a toll on my body. I have had 2 knee surgeries, one elbow surgery and 2 surgeries to each wrist and not to mention issues with my C4-C5-C6 vertebrae.

Unfolding the Blade

So where does that take me now? Finding a way through golf to stay fit, improve muscle tone and endurance. I am a busy mom who loves her family and golf is my chance to ‘work out’ during the week. The Big Max Blade has opened my eyes to a better way to play golf that keeps my body working hard without the ‘pressure’ on all the joints. It is light and easy to push without pushing back at me. And even better, it is compact and easy to open up and fold back up fitting into a small space in the back of my car. I seriously don’t need to injure myself opening, closing and lifting a push cart–no time for rehab over something so silly that’s for sure.

Mental and Physical Benefits

Allow me to break down what walking a golf course can do based on research (Source Golf 20/20):

  • Walking 18 holes is equal to a 5-mile walk or 3.5-4 mile run
  • Playing golf and walking 18 holes can burn up to 2,000 calories
  • Golfers exceed 10,000 steps in a typical round of golf — which meets the recommended guidelines for daily exercise (I personally have calculated this one with my pedometer)
  • Golf is a low impact sport which can keep joints healthier and improve the quality of your life by oxygenating the body and improving posture

Golf can also:

  • Be a great way to hang out with friends and get to know them on another level
  • It can reduce stress due to the physical activity and the outdoor environment
  • Create a connectedness with one’s self and help improve self confidence

What can the Blade Big Max Push Cart do for you?

Having spent lots of time researching how a push cart can benefit my health and sense of well-being, I am committed now to walking when playing golf. Thank you Big Max and The Blade.

The Blade from Big Max is easy to use, compact, light and glides across the fairways, rough and the woods (yeah, I can hit it in the trees too!).

Compact Blade

Here, take a quick look for yourself: The Blade by Big Max

For me, I needed something that was easy to lift in and out of my car and wouldn’t talk up too much room since I am usually carting around a toddler. The Blade is the right fit with its Ultra slim design, easy fold up technology, stable on the course, adjustable for different golf bag sizes (I used a cart bag, carry bag and tour size bag on the Blade), and so easy to transport around to every golf match.

One thing I loved was the hidden handle that you can utilize to carry the Blade wherever you’d like to set it up. Very nice. Lastly, there are so many features and accessories to make life on the golf course easy. Cup holder, GPS holder, mesh bag, basket, sand bottle holder…just to name a few. It is up to you to customize your Blade to your tastes.

Summing it all up

The Blade from Big Max has re-opened my eyes to the benefits of strolling down the fairways while enjoying a round of golf. I mentioned earlier that this particular review would be slightly different than our others with more focus on healthy golf.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 7.17.56 PM

What I found during my time with The Blade is that it  performed incredibly well over rough terrain at my course. It felt great in my hands as I pushed it up and down hills. The handle is adjustable so it can fit any player’s preference. That was a total bonus! And of course, it looks marvelous with its sleek and smooth features. It paired well with my golf bag to boot!

As I look back on my Collegiate days, I can see the Blade would have been a great asset to my team. Fast forward, it should be the go-to with it’s compact features and portability for all collegiate golf teams. Coaches and players would love a push cart that is easy to carry and transport! I see first hand with the players I coach on the Mental Game what they have to endure with some of the other push carts and I am surprised there aren’t more injuries from simply getting the push carts to and from tournaments. It is just a thought of mine…but something to think about.

If I had to give the Blade a rating, I would have to say it was Excellent across the board in look/feel, performance, and playability.

I am honored to have been given the opportunity walking the fairways knowing I am doing my body good. I love the outdoors, smelling the fresh cut grass and enjoying 4+ hours of healthy golfing. Give it a try…I know you will enjoy the physical and mental benefits of walking the course pushing your clubs.

Thank you Big Max Golf for showing me the way again!


Kate and The Blade


‘keep smiling and always believe’

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