Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver: Welcome to the Family

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Callaway has introduced its newest driver to the famed Big Bertha family, the Alpha 815. Callaway has pumped this club up as its longest and most forgiving driver yet. High praise from the people that have a pretty impressive track record with their hugely popular drivers.

Getting my hands on this newest Big Bertha model brought back fond memories of my first driver, the good ol’ Big Bertha Hawkeye. I went to battle through many rounds of golf over the years before I finally decided to move on from that driver. I was excited to review the Alpha 815 to see if it could possibly become my next driver for years to come.



From Callaway –

  • Maximum Distance from Lower Spin – We lowered the spin in the Alpha 815 to help you maximize distance. How’d we do it? Start with a forged composite crown to save weight. Add in our patented Gravity Core for an adjustable Center of Gravity. The result: a low spinning bomber with forgiveness.
  • Speed and Forgiveness From a Lighter, Stable Face – Remember this name – R•MOTO Technology. It’s new. It’s groundbreaking. It provides the structure to save weight for an ultra thin face that maintains stability while elevating smash factor. Every driver should have this.


  • Maximum Adjustability – 7 gram and 1 gram weight ports allow you to set the driver to neutral, draw or fade bias. And our OptiFit hosel provides 8 different loft (-1, S, +1, +2) and lie angle (Draw or Neutral) configurations.


In regards to looks, I always like to see what catches my eye when I first grab a club. With the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815, the red leather headcover was the first thing that I noticed. It might not be part of the actual club, but the awesome boxing glove look definitely helps this club stand out when it’s in the bag.

At address, the dark club head, coupled with the white Fujikura Motore Speeder shaft, is very easy on the eyes. It has a round and balanced look with a Callaway logo serving as the alignment aid. Upon closer look, the club head was actually a dark navy color with some subtle sparkles, which was a nice deviation from the normal glossy black club heads seen on most drivers.


The club face has an elegant design with a big X right in the middle. It’s pretty obvious where you want to hit the ball on the face. I’m not going to lie – it was pretty satisfying to see that ball mark right in the middle of the X when I hit it square.


The biggest thing I noticed about the feel of the Big Bertha Alpha 815 driver was actually how different it felt based on the adjustments made with the club, specifically the Gravity Core. After hitting a few shots with the Gravity Core facing up, I was really surprised to see how different it felt when I flipped the Gravity Core upside down.

With all the 8 different loft/lie options and the Gravity Core, there are numerous options to adjust your club to feel the way you want.

Even with all the adjustability available on the Big Bertha Alpha 815, one thing stayed constant: the great sound at impact. It is similar to hitting a wooden bat, a somewhat medium pitch that isn’t too loud, like a solid thwack. Personally, it was music to my ears as I prefer that type of sound to the higher pitch at impact.


Right from the first practice ball, I knew the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 driver was the real deal.

In terms of distance, this driver really performed above my expectations. The low spin factor really helped the ball get that additional carry and roll that I look for off the tee. I was consistently driving the ball 10-15 yards farther than I’m used to, in the 280-290 range.

One other impressive aspect of the Big Bertha Alpha 815 driver was the hot club face. The R Moto technology must’ve really been working because I could tell just how hot the ball was flying off the club. I knew right at impact just how far I was hitting the ball, which was a pretty awesome feeling.


Even with the great distance I was achieving with this driver, the forgiveness can’t be ignored. I couldn’t have been more confident stepping to the tee after a few practice rounds with the Big Bertha Alpha 815 knowing that I wouldn’t lose too many yards on a mishit.

I specifically remember a couple tee shots where I saw the ball roll out to the 270-280 range only to look down and see my ball mark on the toe of the driver (which is where I tend to miss). Pretty awesome results in my book.


Whether you’re a scratch golfer or an aspiring beginner, the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 driver really can fit anyone’s game. In terms of that combination of adjustability, distance, and forgiveness, Callaway’s newest addition to the Big Bertha family is a must try for 2015.

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Written by BP Staff


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