Callaway XR Pro Irons Video Review and Photos with Rick Shiels

Callaway Golf has been getting some flack from many golf fans about how many golf clubs they are producing as of late.  But let’s make one thing clear, if you can make better golf clubs each time, I have no issues with it. The XHot Irons had a huge fan base as they were indeed “hot”.  The new Big Bertha line was also welcomed very well as there was quite a bit of history behind it.  The Xhot-2 irons did fairly well, but really didn’t catch on like many thought they might, but they still were excellent golf clubs.


In 2015, Callaway Golf is releasing the new XR and XR Pro Irons. Again this release is welcomed with mixed reactions from golfing fans. But once again, what really matters is if they can produce enough new technology to keep improving their golf clubs.


  • 360-degree face cup
  • Improved ball speed
  • Lower CG
  • Higher MOI


xr pro irons face

callaway xr pro iron review


Our buddy Rick Shiels has got his hands on the new Callaway XR Pro irons for a review and he has some pretty exciting thoughts when it comes to these new clubs.  So let’s take a closer look.


The new Callaway XR Irons will be available Feb 20, 2015.  For more information about the new XR line of clubs click HERE.

To see Rick’s review of the Callaway XR Irons click HERE.

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