Lee Westwood Saves Drowning Man in Barbados

Lee Westwood is a private person and he hates publicity. But he has been hailed as a hero after saving the life of a pensioner from English, who was in danger of drowning on the paradise island of Barbados as reported by Birmingham Mail. Colin Davies, from Solihull, near Birmingham, said the golfer raced into the Atlantic Ocean when he spotted him calling for help.

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Colin, a millionaire who suffers from Parkinson’s Disease, was in the water when his legs locked up.

Westwood’s family was seated next to Mr Davies’ on the beach, and Westwood  jumped into the water to savehim.

Mr Davies had no idea who his rescuer was, describing him only as a “muscular male (who) grabbed me and, with tremendous but gentle care, got me back to my lounge bed”.

He only discovered Westwood’s identity when told by an onlooker.

“If there is a power looking over us,” Mr Davies said. “I hope he takes note and delivers three majors to this kind and gentle human being.”

Westwood has posted several pictures of his family vacation on social media, but he never mentioned the incident, only breaking his silence on Twitter when the story emerged.

Westwood wrote: “The gentleman was struggling to get back up the beach and I helped him out.”

Mr Davies said: “If there is a power looking over us, I hope he takes note and delivers three Majors to this kind and gentle human being.”

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