Rukket Haack Golf Net Review : Practicing Made Easy From Anywhere

Have you ever just wanted to step out the back door of your home or office and hit a few balls? I don’t know about you, but getting out to swing the clubs and hit a few balls is a great way to relax, unwind and recharge not to mention work on the game a bit.

If you are looking for a quick mental get-a-way smacking the ball, who has the time to jump in the car, drive who knows how long to the nearest range, hit your bucket and return to work or home? I mean you may be fighting traffic or even a time constraint. Doesn’t sound to relaxing to me.


Over the past two weeks, I have had the privilege, on behalf of Bunkers Paradise and Rukket Sports, on reviewing a really amazing Full Swing Golf Net. I always go into these reviews trying not to read too much (if anything) so as not to cloud my judgment or thoughts. I also love to take the time and give the product a real run through to be sure I have seen all I need to see before I write up my thoughts and share them with the Bunkers Paradise Community.

There are a few full swing nets out there competing for your business. Not all of us live on or near a golf course with the ability to run out and hit a few. It is important to have a full swing net that can stand up to the elements (we don’t all live in perfect weather conditions) and a net that can take a beating from all your ‘best’ shots and all the ‘not-so-best’ hits.

I think we need to focus on a few key items I believe are vital when choosing a great full swing golf net:  durability, safety, ease of use (set up and dismantle), and its ability to allow you to knock the snot out of your driver without concern.

Time to take an inside look at the Rukket Golf’s Haack Golf Net.

Haack Net Backyard

Quick Background

Rukket Sports has brought to market what is considered the ‘go-to’ for the full swing golf net–The Haack Golf Net. Rukket Sports designs, manufacturers, and sells their own line of innovative sports practice equipment to keep athletes on top of their games.

The Haack Golf Net is endorsed by SEC school coach Chris Haack, who makes this impactful statement:

We bring the range to you. This will be the last net you’ll ever need. It’s gonna keep your game sharp!

I know I would love to have the range brought to me and be able to enjoy just a few minutes or hours hitting balls to my heart’s content in the comfort of my backyard.

If you aren’t sure who Chris Haack is, look no further than Bubba Watson. Chris has coached Bubba Watson and other PGA Professionals. He is an SEC Coach and has guided his golf team to two national championships, seven Southeastern Conference crowns, 49 team tournament titles, and several squad and individual records. Without a doubt, I am confident that his input and insight has been of great value to developing the Haack Golf Net. Think of it this way , you need to meet the tough needs of the tour pros in order to bring a good golf product to market these days and having Chris, with his background, stamp his name on the Haack Golf Net, you know it has to be pretty darn good.

Product Details

  • High impact netting with Rukket’s ball return design and FREE protective wings, practice with real golf balls!
  • Easy setup and breakdown with strong fiberglass support beams; Lightweight and versatile allows for multi-sport functionality
  • 1000 UV-hour rated powder coating that stands up to the elements and is great for all ages and levels of skill
  • Securing stakes, two side barriers and a durable carry bag are included, measures 10 ft W x 7 ft H x 3ft D
  • No tools required: push button frame with folding fiberglass poles
Haack Golf Net Portable
Photo: LPGA Pro Kate Hughes


Once you get the Haack Golf Net set up, it looks like a net that can stand up to your game day in and day out.  It is handsome sitting there awaiting your first hit…rather welcoming. The netting looks thick, rough and tough. When you feel the netting with your hands, you get a sense that it can take on the best and worst shots. You get the feeling that no matter the ball speed at impact, the netting will hold tight and drop your ball softly down to the ground.


The support beams are of a good solid weight, not too heavy to assemble or dismantle, but they feel sturdy enough to assist in holding the entire golf net together. The net is made of durable material to withstand rain, wind, snow and anything that Mother Nature wants to throw at it.

What is really cool are the ‘wings’ that attach to the Haack Golf Net. This really takes the ‘fear’ out of hitting with the durable netting made to lay aside your swing to catch any mishits. They too have a heavy netting feel that provides a sturdy look and feel.


The true question is when it is all set up, will it actually perform and keep your golf balls from hitting your neighbors home or breaking a business building widow?

First things first. I need to share with you that this is the easiest golf net to assemble and take down. It took me less than 10 minutes to assemble (just briefly perused the instructions) the first time and less that 5 after. Taking it down was a breeze. Less that 5 minutes to dismantle and place all parts in a durable carry bag…yes the entire Haack Golf Net fits into a nice bag to take with you anywhere you want to practice. That was impressive to me. I was able to not only use the Haack Golf Net in my backyard, but also the nearest park, a friends backyard and the neighborhood soccer field.


I spent about 2 weeks in various situations and places trying out the Haack Golf Net. I had friends that hit the ball harder than I and even had my daughter give it a try (never too young to play golf).

The Haack Golf Net even endured a huge rain storm with violent winds and stood up to old man winter (yes, that would be a west coast winter). I hit shot after shot from wedge to the driver and the Haack Golf Net took it all like a champ. The netting is so thick and durable that I was never once afraid of hitting the neighbor’s homes or it ricocheting off the sturdy poles used to hold the netting up.

rukket haack net 2

This is an amazing golf net I must say. They certainly did their homework in finding a portable, durable and sturdy golf net that can really take a beating. It also has a nice feature with the wings on the side that can catch an errant shank or mishit. That feature alone adds incredible safety and confidence while you practice all your shots.

Finally, not only does it stand up to the hardest hit shot, the missed shot and the shankapotomus, it catches all your shots in the bottom netting for easy clean up or collecting to hit more. I don’t know about you but when I am ready to collect the golf balls after a practice session, I don’t what to chase them all over the planet.

After a good hard workout in multiple venues and weather situations, I am pleased with the performance of the Haack Golf Net from the assembly, to the practice session and finally the taking it apart to put away for another day. Mind you, it can stay up for weeks. You certainly don’t have to take it down at all. I simply was giving it the thorough overhaul review and wanted to check in with its portability.

rukket haack net 1



In today’s world, it can be hard to get away to play a few holes or even to hit a few at the range. The time spent leaving your home or office to drive to your nearest range can eat up all your valuable practice time and leave you stressed trying just to get in a few shots. Now, it is possible to bring the practice session to you in a vary convenient and portable manner.

I enjoyed having the ability to practice when I wanted to practice in a very timely manner. Finally, practicing in my backyard on my own terms. Now that is something to smile about.

The Haack Golf net meets my 3 vital elements: it is safe, durable and extremely easy to assemble and dismantle. Win-Win-Win.

Go ahead and take a closer look at Rukket Sport’s Haack Golf Net and let us know what you think. We value your thoughts here at Bunkers Paradise and thank you in advance for helping us continue to grow golf.


‘keep smiling and always believe’

Written by BP Staff


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