Kayson Golf Putter Review: Not Just a Looker

All putters are pretty much the same right?  There is a shaft and a hunk of metal at the end that is flat to bang that little white ball into the hole.  Ok, that’s being pretty silly but for the most part it’s fairly accurate. So the trick for companies that make putters is figuring out how to fine tune their clubs to be even more accurate on the course. While no putter will ever fully be “forgiving” enough to make your golf ball go into the hole 100% of the time, there are some things these companies have done to help you.


I have seen a lot of odd looking putters in the past and they all claimed to help your game.  While some actually worked, others were completely horrible.  So when Kayson Putters sent over their putter for testing and a review, I had two thoughts.  One, is this putter solely for good looks and two, does it actually work?

Who is Kayson? Danny Seifried is owner and designer of his patent pending putters. He has been on the PGA Canada Tour for 35 years. Won the Thunder Bay tournament when he was 21 years old, making 27 birdies in the three days of play. So I would say there is some experience behind this company and putter.

Let’s take a look at what Kayson has to say about their putters.

From Kayson Putters:

Our innovative design and fabrication concentrate the weight of the putter above a golf ball’s equator. This imparts just the right top spin on the golf ball to ensure a consistently smooth putt.

When we say our putters are revolutionary… we mean it. KG putters – the culmination of 35 years of research & development – combine unique materials and precise calculations to deliver better performance on the green. We consider lie, loft, length, swing weight, static weight, grip size, shaft frequency, face height, head and shaft gram weights, overall size, sole radius, length of ferrule and hosel depth in making each putter.



I posted a photo of this putter on Instagram and it was welcomed with a mixed reaction.  There were some folks who thought it was a beauty, while others couldn’t wrap their heads around it.  Whether you like the shape of this putter or not, there is no denying that the finish on this putter is top notch. It’s glossy finish gives it a look that is very unique and makes you want to put it up on display.

The engravings and personal designs on the putter are nothing short of top notch.  The cool thing about the Kayson Golf brand is that they offer personal designs for marketing or for a personal touch.  We obviously went with the Bunkers Paradise logo on the front and the “Reviewed By Bunkers Paradise” on the back.  On the under side there is also our website address. Kayson offers some pretty extensive personalization opportunities.

You will notice right away with this putter that there is a large mass at the face of the club and a thin top portion that runs to the back of the putter. While it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it has a purpose which I will explain in the performance section.

The face of this putter threw me off a bit as it was clean as a whistle.  There are no groove lines, “true roll” markings, etc on the face.  It is smooth as a babies bottom. I was a bit worried about this for one reason. What if my golf ball is wet, or the face of the putter gets wet upon striking the ball?  It would definitely cause some issues. But then I realized that before every putt, I mark my ball, clean it and then get set to hit, so there really shouldn’t be any issue. More on that in performance.

They offer six different color options.

  • Mercedes Black (the color you see pictured)
  • Matte Black
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Gold
  • Silver



Let’s first discuss weight of the Kayson Putter. From first looks of this putter you might think it’s a really heavy mallet style putter but it’s quite the opposite.  The weight felt more like a heavy blade putter to me.  I wasn’t overwhelmed with it’s weight by any means.

It comes with a pretty basic size grip for today’s standards as more and more companies are going to a slightly larger grip. One nice thing about Kayson putters is you have the ability to choose from 32-37 inche range for shaft length to accommodate your putting style.

I really liked the feeling of how this putter felt at impact.  I don’t want to say there was a pop off the face, but strikes felt clean.



Ok let’s get down to the real issue at hand.  Can the Kayson putter actually go into your golf bag?  Can it perform well enough to make you want to use it every single round?

Kayson Golf has a unique view and technology of how their putter works.  They place most of the weight of the putter above the golf ball’s equater (above the ball).  The thought process here is to give the ball top spin to create a clean roll to the hole with no bouncing.  Most putters have a bit of loft to them, which in turn makes the ball naturally pop up off the ground a bit.  Kayson has attempted to solve that problem. They actually have seven weights within the putter for better face stabilization as well.

I tried this putter on and off the course.  I used it on my indoor putting mat, on a practice green and out on the course. In each scenario I had the same solid feel at impact I was discussing in the feel section.  I was paying close attention to how the ball was reacting to the face since that is their biggest claim.  I was impressed with how the putter actually kept the ball down on the surface of the putting greens. I did like how this putter performed for the most part.

As far as the face and the ball being wet causing issues, I didn’t notice anything at all, so I was happy with that.

What I had a slight issue with was alignment.  Because the putter we got had our custom logo on top, there were no alignment aids, which I’m used to. However I was able to use our BP logo as a make shift alignment aid.


I did talk to the folks at Kayson about the alignment and they made it very clear that all putters are custom made and can be set up anyway the golfer wants it.  If you want an alignment aid, they got it.

The one thing I really liked about hitting this putter was the consistency I was getting with distance.



Ok, so let’s break the Kayson Golf putter down. A putter is your scoring stick so you need to be comfortable with not only how it performs, but how it looks to you.  If you stand over your putter and don’t like the way it looks, it’s going to mess with your head.  The Kayson Golf putter is definitely a “love it or hate it” type of product.  I for one didn’t mind the odd shaped head, but I understand how one might not like it.  So with that said, the best way to see if you like something or not is to give it a try.

For more information about Kayson Golf, check out their website HERE.

Written by BP Staff

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