Short Par 4: Spend Time on the Course, Not Your Closet

What if you were told you could get some of the newest and stylish golf apparel hand picked just for you at a hugely discounted price and have it delivered to your doorstep every month?  Sounds pretty enticing right?  Well Short Par 4 will make that happen for you along with some other outstanding features.

Quite an introduction right?  Well in this quick look review, I will hope to break down what is all about and why I think it’s quite the deal.

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Who Is SP4?

Short Par 4 are a group of apparel professionals who not only love clothing but also the great game of golf. Every month the crew hand picks items for your box from a huge selection of some of the top golf brands, which include the companies below.


I like the Short Par 4 motto: “Spend time on the course. Not your closet.”

How it Works:

Each month Short Par 4 will send you at least $250 worth of the hottest new products from the industry’s top brands. Once you get the SP4 box in the mail, you can inspect it, pick out what you want to keep and send back the rest. You only pay for what you keep and you can keep as much as you’d like.

I want to make one thing clear, the items in the boxes are not closeout product or items that didn’t sell. They are actually the newest and trendiest golf apparel out there.  Short Par 4 takes pride in finding the newest and latest in golf apparel.

In Detail:

  • An SP4 member pays quarterly membership dues of $250.00.
  • Members receive a box that has a minimum retail value of $500.00—providing you with a savings of more than 50 percent!
  • Your box will feature a variety of golf apparel for based on YOUR particular style profile.
  • SP4 will ship you a box once per quarter.

Value: $448.00 SP4 Price: $303.00 Savings: $145.00

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First and foremost, every single one of these items are top notch in the golf apparel world.  For example, the Travis Mathew Polo costs $85.00 at their store or online and is one heck of a polo.  If you haven’t worn a TM shirt, you don’t know what you are missing. Top quality materials and stylish looks.

I’m not going to break down every single item in the Short Par 4 box, as this isn’t about them.  This review is about what Short Par 4 has to offer and what they deliver to you as the golfer and shopper.


I am blown away with the amount of savings you can get from Short Par 4 on such quality golf apparel.  The best part is, you don’t have to keep it all.  Pick out what you like and send the rest back.  You basically have your own golf stylist working for you, which in my case is definitely needed.

With some of the top brands and discounts I can’t help but like what Short Par 4 has to offer.  If you are looking to get new golf apparel, want to look like some of the professionals out on the course and save money at the same time, then Short Par 4 is a quality option.

The last thing I wanted to mention was the customer service.  I was impressed with how help I was given when I had questions about the service and how it actually worked.  So when signing up, don’t be afraid to get in contact with Short Par 4.

Written by BP Staff


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