BPutters Heavy Hammer Review: Italian Milled Custom Putter

Ever had those days where you feel like you can’t make a putt from even a foot away from the hole? I have been there more times than I care to admit.

In today’s market there are hundreds if not thousands of putters to choose from to sink those knee rattlers. How do you find ‘the one’ to give you the confidence to ‘let it go’ and putt with confidence?

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Bunkers Paradise was given a great opportunity to review an up-and-comer:  The Heavy Hammer was born from the brilliant golf minds at BPutters.

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Who is BPutters?

BPutters is a Custom Italian Putter Company that prides itself with its unique approach to milled putters. The company started on the links discussing designing a putter unlike any other. They found themselves committed to bringing the golfer imaginative designs that will satisfy the golfer worldwide. How, you ask? They pride themselves on utilizing the finest components to ensure quality without compromise. Each and every design is custom made from the designers heart. Bottom line–> create a putter that fits in the player’s hand firmly and helps improve the golfers confidence as he/she steps up to every putt.

BPutters says it best:

We firmly believe that everything in the golf sector takes origin from passion, love and the intense desire to tell a story, that’s the spirit we approached this experience both in intensity and complexity.

BPutters is bringing the golfer a unique line of putters forged from a single block of Italian stainless steel using the best  materials possible to ensure quality for the player and more putts made on the course.


In my mind, a putter is the most important club in the bag. 40% of your score is on the short grass. Think about it. If you usually shoot around a 90, how many putts did you take? My guess is around 36+ and that’s 40% of your score. Therefore, a key to success for the golfer may be sinking more putts with a putter that feels good in your hands.

So back to the question of how do we choose a putter when there are so many out there? To be honest, its all about trial and error but here at Bunkers Paradise, we had been given an opportunity to give the  BPutters Heavy Hammer a run for its money. Let us share our thoughts and findings for you to decide if this may be the ‘birdie-sinker’ in your near future.


BPutter Toe View


The Heavy Hammer is gorgeous. Yes, I have to go there. It truly is a looker. Sleek lines, milled head, offset and it actually looks kinda like a hammer. The Hammer has a very unique look with attention to detail right down to the face of the putter. The mere fact that it is made from a single block of Italian 303 stainless steel makes the putter shine.

What I noticed right off the bat and was able to confirm is that the putter is 1 piece billet milled head. It has a the low loft you need to keep the ball rolling on the green (2-5degrees).  I like looking down and knowing my ball isn’t going to hop, skip and jump to the hole.

Overall the look was stunning and simply a confidence booster from the looks.




The most important thing to me is how the putter feels steeping up to a 6 foot downhill left to right putt. Yes, I know, a total knee knocker. Well, I felt like the Hammer set up perfectly to the putt and the stroke felt smooth and strong. In other words, When I set the blade behind the ball, there was not a ‘jiggle’ from the putter head. It sat there motionless and that is huge for me in putting.

The BPutter Hammer I reviewed was 35 inches and perfect for my specifications and needs (I worked with different putters in my career and realized 35 inches in length was perfect for me…we are all different). Having  a putter that ‘feels’ right in length is huge to overall success and BPutter can custom make the length to your personal specifications.

One more thing to note is that the Heavy Hammer is toe balanced and weighs 370 grams. This is something that also is very important in how a putter feels. It needs to feel totally solid at set up and through the stroke. I am not a fan of putters that feel like your swinging a cement brick or on the opposite end of the spectrum as you try to control swinging a feather. The Heavy Hammer nails it right in the sweet spot of feel.



This is where I can share with you how the putter handled the Kate Hughes Challenge. I decided since a putter is so important to my game and overall success scoring, I wanted to play multiple times on different courses to see if BPutters Hammer was as good as they say.

BPutters Hammer In Action

The verdict is in. After several rounds on various courses and conditions, the Hammer performed like a champ. I made more birdies that I have in a long time. I have to admit that I was concerned with the name ‘Heavy Hammer’ and was nervous it would be too heavy for my longer putts. I stand corrected. It was actually very easy to stroke the ball from any distance.

I mentioned earlier that having a putter in your hand like the Hammer that got the ball ‘rolling’ and not ‘jumping’ off the face is key to success on the greens. I had the opportunity of having one of our pros get down to ground level with his eyes and really ‘see’ if the ball jumped off the face. It did not. Mission accomplished.

No matter the greens surface – Bermuda, bent or combo with poa annua grass, the ball rolled with confidence down the chosen target line.

Lastly, I have to comment on the putter face. There was a real soft yet firm feel with every strike. Once the ball struck the blade you felt and heard a solid knock that was in perfect tone. I’m not one for strange sounds from a putter and the BPutters Hammer has a gentle sound soothing to the ears.

Overall, the BPutter Heavy Hammer performed well in every scenario I created to test its ability to make the difficult putt.


Putting is one of the most important aspects to the overall success of the golfer’s game. It makes sense to have a putter in your hand that you feel confident with from 90 feet out to 12 inches. BPutters is a solid company and puts their heart into making each putter fit your specifications.

I don’t know about you, but my putter is my best friend on the course and I want to have a putter that can allow me to walk up to the putt with confidence and drain the putt. BPutters is a great choice for your next ‘birdie/par sinker’.

BPutters Group PIc

Check BPutters out at their web site and see all the lines they offer:  BPutters Custom Milled Putters

We at Bunkers Paradise value your thoughts and opinions. Feel free to share with us your thoughts when you try a BPutters Custom Putter.

‘keep smiling and always believe’

Written by BP Staff

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