What Do Dimples on a Golf Ball Do? | Golf Tips with Titleist

Golf balls are flying longer and straighter then ever before.  Is it because the professional golfers are so ripped these days that their muscle power is greater than those of the past?  I highly doubt that as guys like the Black Knight and Arnold Palmer were true studs on the course.  So it must be technology right?  The golf ball has changed a lot in the years and a company that is a big part of the technology push is of course Titleist.

-= Hit Your Irons Perfect Every Time =-

In this informative video by Titleist you will see exactly why a golf ball flies the way it does.  Titleist also shows you what would happen if there were no dimples on a golf ball.  I wanted to share this video because I believe that when you know what is happening with your equipment it makes you a better golfer.


Written by BP Staff

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