20 Worst Excuses You Hear on a Golf Course

We’ve all heard them before. “My grip was too weak,” “I was distracted in my backswing,” or even “Didn’t you guys feel that wind change?!” When it come to shoveling out excuses for poor performance, nobody does it better than a group of golfers. You may even have your own favorite go-to excuse when your game goes south.

But then there are the truly creative excuses that make the other golfers in your foursome do a double-take. We at Bunkers Paradise wanted to hear about the worst golf excuses you’ve ever heard, so we turned to you — our fans — to share the best of the worst. Needless to say, you all delivered in spades.

Here are some of our favorite bad golf excuses that you shared with us via Facebook and Twitter. While these are presented in no particular order, we’ve done our best to categorize the excuses. Be sure to share which are your favorites in the comments section below.

20. Mother Nature is a Cruel Beast


Hitting golf shots off hard ground is about as fun as scratching nails on a chalkboard. The bounce on your club ricochets off the hardpan, causing you to hit a thin shot into a nearby living room window. The cops are called, everybody freaks out, punches are thrown… it’s just an ugly situation. But is this really a testament to the ineptitude of the golf course watering system? Hardly (pun intended). Choke down on the club, put the ball back in your stance and punch that sucker out into the fairway. 

19. Everybody is a Shotmaker


You know what’s the best part of being a 24-handicapper? Having the freedom to believe you are a 2-handicapper. That’s called confidence, pal. But when you start talking about shot-shaping, it’s probably best to leave that to the pros. Now go pick up your Pinnacle from the trees.

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Written by BP Staff


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