Cobra Fly Z+ Driver Review: Snakes on a Fairway


Can you say HOT?  Yup, that’s how I’m starting the performance section of this review.  The face on this driver is hot and I might even say it’s the hottest face of any driver I’ve hit in the last two years.  The E9 face with the Speed Channel is legit.

With that being said, I’m going to compare the Fly-Z+ up against the BioCell+ Model that I tested out last year.  After all, Cobra says the Fly-Z is longer and more forgiving.

One problem that a few people encountered last year with the Bio Cell+ was the higher ball flight.  I considered the Bio Cell+ driver from last year, one of the best of the year.  The E9 face was hot and was as forgiving as almost any driver on the market from 2014.   But that darn ball flight was turning a few people off.  So what did Cobra Golf do?  They made an adjustable weighting system that could change the CG from front to back to help with ball flight.

By moving the weight forward on the FlyZ+ driver, I actually could see my ball flight lower and I was getting a bit more roll from that.  Where if I placed the weight on the back, I was back to my normal higher ball flight.

One cool thing I wanted to mention is that if you go to the Cobra Golf website, you can input your handicap data, average distance, typical ball flight, typical miss and a couple other things and it will give you a suggestion on where you should have the CG weighting on your Fly-Z driver.

Cobra Fly Z Driver
With the Flipzone you can move the weight from the front to the back to adjust ball flight.

Let’s talk a little more about the E9 Face with the SpeedChannel.  A lot of companies are putting in similar “speed pockets, speed channels” or whatever you want to call it.  But the difference with this driver is that it’s on the face of the club.

I’m no golf club making expert or scientist, but I do know that the face of this driver is very hot.  When I hit this club, the ball felt like it was flying off the face.  Well struck shots felt as good as any driver I’ve hit in the last several years.

As for forgiveness goes, I was also very impressed.  Let’s face it, mis-hits happen and the best way to deal with that, is to have a golf club that is forgiving.  As I mentioned above in the feel section, mis-hits with the Fly-Z+ Driver felt pretty good.  There was no major feedback on mis-hits and at the same time I want to say I was saving several yards of being off-line.  I can’t give you exact numbers as far as off line, but I definitely was finding more fairways.

What didn’t change with the Fly-Z+ and the Bio Cell models is the ability to adjust your loft right there on the hosel, which I think would have been a disaster if they got rid.  So I was very happy to see that they left that ability on the new FlyZ models.   The other thing that Cobra stuck with, is the SmartPad which basically keeps all shots square at impact.   I’m glad they stuck with that as well.

As far as performance goes, the Cobra Fly-Z+ Driver definitely is a performer.


If you are looking for a new driver that has lots of adjustability, is forgiving and has a hot face then the Fly-Z+ driver might just be the club for you. I imagine a lot of golfers are going to be picking up this driver in 2015 and with that, hitting a lot of fairways. I think Cobra did a great job on improving what was already a great driver in the BioCell.

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