Cobra Fly Z+ Driver Review: Snakes on a Fairway

Cobra has introduced their newest of drivers with the Fly-Z family. In the last several years, Cobra Golf has shown that they are dedicated to becoming an elite golf club making machine.  With releases such as the AMP Cell and the Bio Cell lines in the last few years, Cobra Golf has been very impressive.  In particular the Bio Cell Drivers were a huge hit amongst not only Cobra Golf fans but golfers in general.  The Bio Cell drivers were long and forgiving and possibly the best Cobra has ever offered in the driver department.

In 2015, Cobra is introducing the Fly-Z family of golf clubs, including the Fly-Z+ Driver, which we will be looking at in this review.  Cobra says this is their longest and most forgiving driver to date.  So let’s find out if this is true.


  • Forged E9 – The next-generation COBRA Forged E9 Zone Face removes weight from key areas to increase the size and speed of the sweet zone for more distance on off-center hits.
  • Crown Zone – If you want extreme distance, you have to be willing to make a few sacrifices. For us, that meant repositioning weight. We removed weight from the crown to reposition it low and back in the head for a low, deep CG that delivers extreme forgiveness on off-center hits and excellent distance across the entire face.
  • Flipzone – Our first ever front-to-back adjustable CG technology creates two different flight paths in one driver. Flip it back for towering ball flight and increased carry. Flip it forward for a more penetrating ball flight and increased roll.
  • Speed Channel – Surrounding the face with an engineered trench that minimizes face thickness provides increased ball speeds across the face to reach the next generation of distance.


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As far as looks are concerned, Cobra has produced some amazing looking drivers as of late.  The Bio Cell woods had one of the best looking crowns I’ve ever seen.  The new Fly-Z+ driver is more of the same as it is sleek and sexy.  The blue crown looks stunning and features the Cobra logo on the spot where most have their alignment marks.

As for the bottom of the driver you will see a lot of “technology”.  What I mean by that is you can visibly see what Cobra golf is trying to achieve with the Flipzone and Carbon Fiber Zone.  The bottom does feature some of the same blue coloring you that is on the crown along with the gold/yellow FlipZone weighting system.

Overall looks of the Fly-Z+ driver are pretty cool.  I know some folks don’t like to see all the happenings of technology on their clubs and prefer a more clean looking bottom. For those people, just wait until you see how this club performs.  You might just change your mind.

Again, Cobra Golf has several options as far as colors go.


The Fly-Z+ driver definitely fit my liking when it comes to weighting.  I’m not a big fan of super lightweight drivers as I like to feel the clubhead through the entire swing. The Fly-Z+ is light, but not too light.

Impact with this driver felt fantastic.  It had a solid sounding ping to it, which gave me a lot of confidence and made me feel like I was hitting the ball for miles.  More on the performance later, but as far as feel goes it felt long.  Solid strikes felt great just like you would expect from any golf club.  So let’s talk about those dreaded mis-hits.  I’ve mentioned this before on several of my reviews.  My mis-hits tend to miss on the toe and my driver sends out a fading shot that loses distance.  I’ve hit several drivers where I can actually feel those mis-hits in my hands.  While you can say “at least your getting feedback”, I don’t like it.  I would rather have forgiveness and much much less feedback.

I wanted to mention one more thing about the weighting of the FlyZ+ driver.  Cobra actually shaved weight from the face, the internal hosel structure and the crown so they could place the center of gravity lower and further back.

As far as feel goes with the Fly-Z+ driver, I can honestly say it’s one of the better feeling drivers I’ve hit.


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