Ping i25 vs. TaylorMade RSi 2 Irons Video Breakdown

You are at the “big golf store” trying to figure out which set of irons to purchase.  Should you buy the 2014 set of irons or the new 2015 set?  Going to purchase new clubs can be exhausting for us golfers.  This is why I enjoy videos like this from Mark Crossfield.  Mark might not tell you which golf clubs to go buy, but he will give you a good feel for what each club can do for your game and how they perform against the other.

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In this video Mark compares the Ping I25 irons from last year versus the new TaylorMade RSi 2 irons.  The one interesting thing you will take out of the video is the fact that you need to check lofts and lengths of shafts.  Not all companies have the same lofts and shaft lengths, which will result in different numbers.  For example, the 5 iron on the Ping I25 iron has the same loft as the TaylorMade RSi2 Irons.  So if you are hitting the 6 iron with the RSi2 further than the I25 6-iron, that most likely is your reason.  Take a look at the video and let us know which irons you would pick, the I25 Irons or the RSi2 irons?

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Written by BP Staff


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