Cobra Fly-Z Irons Review: Who Knew Snakes Could Fly?

In the last several years, Cobra Golf has shown that they are dedicated to becoming an elite golf club making machine.  With releases such as the AMP Cell irons and the Bio Cell Irons in the more recent years, Cobra Golf has been very impressive.

In 2015, Cobra is introducing the Fly-Z family of golf clubs, including the Fly-Z Irons, which we will be looking at in this review. Cobra’s advertising that the new Fly-Z irons are engineered for more distance while maintaining the feel of a forged iron. So let’s take a look at the new offerings from Cobra Golf.


  • Speed Channel Sole
  • Deep Perimeter Undercut
  • Harmonic Cavity Insert
  • Forged Feel
  • New Larger Face


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When it comes to looks, it really is in the eye of the beholder. The new Fly-Z irons fell kinda in the same category as last years Bio Cell irons.  They have more of that Robo-Cop look to them as opposed to super clean lines.  I’m not a huge fan of these style of golf clubs, but I think they look much better than the Bio Cell irons.  The Bio Cell irons were pretty “busy” on in the back, but the Fly-Z irons are a bit more “clean” looking, which I like much better.

You can see the “Speed Channel” when you look at the sole of the irons, but it’s nothing that causes a distraction.  You will also notice a large cavity in the back of the club.  The nice thing about this is that you know it will be forgiving.

The colors of the Fly-Z irons are pretty simple if you consider some of the clubs in the past from Cobra.  They have a matted gray color up against a more shiny silver and the Cobra symbol right on the sole.  There is some black and yellow to finish off the back of the irons.




I’m a feel player as much as the next guy.  If a club performs well, but doesn’t feel good then I’m not putting it in my bag.  I know that doesn’t make much sense but that’s how I roll. The Fly-Z irons feel very good on well struck shots.  Lots of pop off the face for sure.  On mis-struck shots it might not feel as forgiving as some super game improvement irons, which this club is not, but for a mid-game improvement iron it feels pretty darn forgiving.

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On missed shots you won’t feel any “bad vibrations” in your hands as all the shock is dispersed throughout the club face to help with feel and forgiveness.  The club has a good weight to it as it’s not overly light or overly heavy.  I’ve mentioned this before in past reviews that I don’t like golf clubs to be too light.  The overall feel of the Fly-Z irons fall into the “very good” category if you like to categorize things that way.

On well hit shots this club feels as good as any.  Like I mentioned above, a lot of pop off the face and has a good sound to it at impact.


I always find it intriguing how golf companies put out new golf clubs each year.  Is there really enough new technology going on in the golf club making world to make a difference from year to year?  Is there really enough technology to “add more distance and forgiveness”?  Well let’s find out how the Cobra Fly-Z irons performed.

For the performance section of my review, I’m going to compare it against my Cleveland 588 MT Irons, since they are what I use right now.

The MT’s 6-iron has a loft of 27 degrees and the Fly-Z 6-iron loft is 26.75 degrees, so there isn’t much difference there. In years past, your typical 6-iron loft would be 29 degrees.  But pretty much all club makers are going with lower lofts these days. The top line of the MT’s a bit thicker than that of the Cobra Fly-Z.

As far as comparison in distance goes, I was hitting the Fly-Z about the same distance at the 588 MT irons.  Maybe an average gain of 2 yards through about 15 hits each with the FLY-Z. I took out the top number and low number from each sample just in case of a mis-read by the Voice Caddie. (All testing was conducted with the Voice Caddie  Launch Monitor.)

Where I think the Fly-Z pulls ahead slightly of the MT’s would be in the forgiveness category.  I wasn’t able to pull spin rates off of the Voice Caddie, but I did feel like I was getting a slightly more forgiving shot out on the course.  When it comes to performance, if you liked the Bio Cell Irons, I think you are going to like the Fly-Z irons a lot.



I’m pretty impressed with the Cobra Fly-Z irons.  I was a fan of the Bio Cell irons from last year and these felt just as good, if not better.  I think they match up to any pro-combo style iron on the market right now.  They have good feel, good distance and decent forgiveness to them.

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