Bunker Mentality Apparel Review: Modern Golf Clothing

You have probably seen Bunker Mentality shirts and apparel popping up all over the Social Media scene.  If you haven’t, then you most likely aren’t on Social Media much.  No knock on those of you who don’t, but if you are one of those folks then you are missing out on an apparel company from across the pond that is making waves, even here in the United States.

Bunker Mentality is an apparel brand that is devoted to the golfing world.  They believe that whatever level of golfer you are, you should play in style.  They say their mission is to bring style with a new dress code for the modern golfer.  While they try to honor past traditions, they do pride themselves on being the cutting edge when it comes to new designs.  Let’s take a look and see what Bunker Mentality is all about.


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From Bunker Mentality:

Welcome to Bunker Mentality, a brand devoted to golf and dedicated to STYLE in golf clothing. Whatever level you play at we believe you should do it in STYLE. It is our mission to bring you that style with a new dress code for the modern golfer. We recognise golf is a game of heritage and it is our intention to create new traditions and future classics in golf clothing. Whether you’re looking for trendy golf polos, funky golf trousers or you’re a Golf Punk, Bunker Mentality is the brand for your designer golf clothing.

Bunker Mentality has ambassadors for their clothing amongst the professional ranks and across the Social Media Ranks as well. One notable person would be our good friend Mark Crossfield.

Mark Crossfield Bunker mentality
Mark Crossfield

-= See Mark Crossfield Review the TaylorMade Aeroburner Driver =- 

Mark Crossfield has made a huge impact in golf not only in the UK but across the entire world with his popular YouTube Channel.  While this article isn’t about Mark Crossfield, I mention him because he is an avid wearer of the Bunker Mentality clothing lines. On to the review.

Apparel reviews can be difficult at times because we all have a different comfort level and how we like clothing to fit on our bodies.  For example, I’m 6 feet tall and weigh 225 pounds (husky if you will), which is going to be much different than a guy who is 5’7″ and weighs 175 pounds.  However, comfortable clothing is pretty universal.  With that being said, I’ll do my best to walk you through each item in this review.



The CMax Event Polo is probably my favorite of their polos.  I’m not a huge wearer of colorful clothing, but this has enough simplicity to it that I can dig it. I tend to like my clothing simple and without too much clutter. Besides the clean simple looks of the CMAX polo, I liked the good looking Bunker Mentality logo on the chest as it makes the shirt pop a little more.  If you weren’t clear that this was a golf shirt upon first look then the logo would definitely make it clear. It also features a logo on the right sleeve and below the neck on the back of the shirt.

It’s made from a lightweight Polyester Drytech Pique, which is meant to wick away moisture to help you stay cool and dry.  It is getting cooler out so I really couldn’t test the theory in hot weather conditions.


  • 100% Polyester Drytech Pique
  • Lightweight fabric with quickdry moisture wicking properties
  • Seam detailing across the front
  • Tipped collar and cuffs
  • Cool machine washable
  • $88.00



Now this one was a bit tough for me to test out.  Pin stripe shorts look great on a thinner man, but I’m a bit husky (at least that’s what I tell myself).  But here are a few things I did like about these shorts. Bunker Mentality made these shorts with the golfer in mind.  There are two front pockets, one small coin pocket with a flap, which I found perfect to hold a ball marker.  The pockets were also big enough to toss your golf ball in there after picking up your putt and heading to the next hole.  It also had two back pockets to hold your scorecard/yardage book.

As far as comfort goes, they were quite comfortable.  The inner waistband had a non slip strip to keep your shirt from pulling out.  I love this feature in pants and shorts. I can’t stand looking at a sloppy dressed golfer on the course where their shirt is constantly pulling out. Dress well, look well and feel well.


  • 97% Cotton 3% Elastane, Cool Machine Washable
  • Model is styled with Cmax Events polo Hot Pink
  • $35.00



If you want to show off your love of golf and beer, then this shirt is for you.  It is made of 100% cotton and has logos and branding all over the place.  It has Who’s Your Caddy and The 19th Hole logos blasted across the front of the shirt and The Stella’s Clubhouse logo on the back.  I personally don’t think I could pull this shirt off, but I know several of my friends that could.  I’d say this one is more of a lifestyle polo then on the course.


  • 100% Cotton Pique
  • Scrunch Placket
  • Front embroidered, printing on the back
  • Contrasting side stitching
  • Cool machine washable
  • $85.00



Another one of my favorite shirts from Bunker Mentality.  First, I am Swedish so I love the colors.  Second, I really like the Golf Addict applique on the left chest.  It also has the Bunker label applied to the left shoulder.

The shirt is 100% cotton, which I know some folks are not a fan of these days.  Many folks prefer the “performance” golf shirts. I generally stay away from cotton shirts as they tend to shrink and fade in time, but from what I’m hearing, these Bunker Mentality shirts are quality and have no issues with fading or shrinkage. I haven’t had mine long enough to give you a breakdown on that.

The polo itself fits snug and comfortably, which is nice on the course because you know it won’t get in the way of your swing.


  • 100% Cotton Pique
  • Golf Addict chest applique
  • Forward shoulder seams
  • Velour detailing to side vents
  • $59.00



Need a zip up sweater to stay warm on the course?  If so, this sweater is a winner.  When I first tossed this on, my very first thought was, “Wow this is comfortable”.  It’s made of American long staple cotton fleece, which is very soft and comfortable.  I wore this during the testing of some clubs we had gotten and I had no issues swinging my clubs while wearing it.

As far as looks go, it has a “Hit it Hard” applique across the chest and a Target just above it.  The embroidery looks clean and very well done.  The back has nothing on it except for a small Bunker Mentality print on the outer back neck.


  • 90% Cotton 10% polyester. Cool machine wash
  • $100


Each and every item I tested out from Bunker Mentality impressed in different ways. What impressed me most about their products are the attention to detail. They thought of every little aspect of golfing and how small things like the size of a pocket matter to a golfer.  They also feature small things on their products that make them stand out from the ever so growing crowd of golf apparel.  For example, they could have used a standard zipper on their Clubhouse sweater, but instead went the extra mile and put a sweet Bunker Mentality logo.  These little things really do make a difference.


I realize that this style of clothing might not be for every golfer out there, but if you want to brighten up your wardrobe while adding some fun, all while having comfortable clothing, then the Bunker Mentality clothing is a must to check out.

The Polos and items you see in this review are just a very small portion of what they have to offer.  For more details head over to their website HERE.

Written by BP Staff


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