5 Ways to Tell You’re a True Tiger Woods Fan

Sports fans have a funny way of projecting their fandom for a team or athlete in just about anything they do. Whether it’s sporting the team colors during the work week or using an athlete’s signature motto among friends, true fans will make the most of any opportunity to “fly their flag.”

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The same can be said for fans of Tiger Woods. Regardless of your views on the guy, true Tiger Woods fans can be picked out of any foursome, country club roster or even in a gallery of tournament onlookers. But what actually makes someone a “true Tiger fan?”

Here are five sure-fire ways to tell if you’re a Tiger Woods fan.

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5: Getting in the Zone is a Way of Life

Tiger Woods is renowned for his incredible focus and competitive intensity on the golf course. His ‘in the zone’ stare has been likened to that of Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali and other sporting greats. When it comes to his competition, the ‘Eye of the Tiger’ is something to be feared.

Do you have a tendency to block everyone else out when writing an email, cleaning your house or hitting a tee shot? Can you maintain your focus on the golf course no matter the weather or how many beers your playing partner has chugged down? Do you scare the daylights out of people in your quarterly budget meetings by staring through their souls? If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to any of those characteristics, chances are you’re a Tiger fan.

4: Everything is ‘All About the Process’

Tiger might not be the most vocal television interview in the world, but he’s definitely got his favorite phrases and quotes during every tournament. Regardless of how well or poorly he may have played on a given day, you can bet that Tiger will mention ‘the process’ at some point to a reporter.

If you’re the type of golfer who stays committed to a game plan or is highly process-oriented during practice sessions, chances are you’ve taken a page directly out of Tiger’s book. Hitting that baby fade takes work, pal, and it is best accomplished through incremental baby steps from one day to the next.

Just be careful to not preach about ‘the process’ to the rest of your foursome at the men’s grill following your round. Because, like… that’s kind of weird.

3: You Have Abbreviated Nicknames for Everything

If you’ve watched five seconds of any post-round interview during his career, you’ve probably noticed Tiger referring to his ball flight “traj” (trajectory) or recalling something from his buddy “Strick” (Steve Stricker). Nobody has any clue why Tiger abbreviates the names of his friends or the elements of his game, but it is an absolute defining characteristic.

Think about the way you refer to your friends, family, or coworkers. Do you call your grandmother “Gram” or your favorite beer as “suds?” Have you uttered a sentence that sounds something like, “Yeah man, the traj on that wedge shot was one yard too high?” You’re straight up speaking Tiger Talk, son. Be sure to check the bilingual box on your online resume.

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Written by BP Staff

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