Wilson Golf 2015 Winter Release: FG Tour V4 Line

Okay Chicago.  Let’s take a deep breath.  Derek Rose’s ankle injury hopefully isn’t as serious as well as think.  Why don’t we take our minds off it for a moment shall we?  Wanna talk local talent?  How about Chi-town’s very own Wilson golf and the latest product installment due out this coming January.  Introducing the FG Tour v4 Line from Wilson Golf!


V4 Irons and Util

This latest addition to the Wilson line is an adaption of their highly successful FG Tour V2 Irons.  This is the latest advancement to their “Feel Player” campaign.  According to Wilson Golf, the “Feel Player” is defined as the golfer demanding classic styling, ultimate feedback and shot-shaping control.  Let’s take a look how Wilson is willing to commit to ultimate performance:


“It was important for the new FG Tour V4 irons to maintain certain visual cues and specifications that our tour staff expects, which based on their immediate positive feedback, we succeeded in.  Our main goal however was to continue to innovate and improve upon our great forged iron heritage, especially as it relates to playability, versatility and optimal ball flight.”

–  Global Director of Innovation for Wilson Golf, Michael Vrska

The 18-gram tungsten sole weight featured in the 3- through 7-irons lowers the center of gravity and increases launch angle without increasing spin. This produces a higher peak height on long and mid-iron shots, and thus a steeper angle of descent for holding greens and attacking tough pins. After testing the FG Tour 100, M3 and V4 prototype irons, Wilson Staff engineers improved turf interaction and control from all lies by optimizing sole camber. The innovation team also thinned the upper portion ofthe face by 11% where no impacts occur, to reposition mass where it can better help the Feelplayer optimize launch, spin and MO.

These irons will become available to all Feel players on and at select retailers on January15, 2015 (MAP $899.99).


“The FG Tour V4 utility addresses the needs of our tour staff in tougher wind and turf conditions.  It’s an extension of the FG Tour line, helping to hit long shots into greens and to control ball flight in the wind.”

-Jon Pergande, Global Manager of Wilson Hybrids and Irons

The extremely thin, responsive face is made from Carpenter Custom 455 maraging stainless steel – the strongest and most premium available – which creates a high CT for improved ball speeds and distance. This material freed up weight so that mass could be moved low and to the toe for an optimized center of gravity.  The FG Tour V4 utilities undertake similar cosmetics as the new FG Tour V4 irons, but feature a 7-gram adjustable weight positioned in the center of the sole, helping Feel players to fine-tune ball flight through custom fitting. A 9-gram tungsten weight placed in the toe eliminates any draw bias in the head and provides the ideal center of gravity.

The FG Tour V4 utility irons will become available to all Feel players on and at select retailers on January 15, 2015 (MAP $179.99).

Written by BP Staff


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