Ariva Tour Golf Ball Review: Distance and Control

The world of golf is filled with a multitude of golf balls to choose from.  There are balls to help you lower scores, gain distance, spin the ball at the right rate…in other words, there are golf balls for everyone. But how can we choose? We walk into a golf shop and there seems to be thousands of golf balls looking at us right in the face. Each one begs for your attention and wants you to buy them. They all promise something. One’s head can spin just thinking about it.

Then you run into a ball that catches your eye and makes you wonder, “Is this the one for me?”  Whether you want to believe it or not, your golf ball can influence your game and thus your score. Not only do we need to find a ball that aesthetically looks good to us but more importantly you need a ball the matches your game (swing speed, spin ability, launch angle…).

We at Bunkers Paradise had the opportunity to try out a golf ball that is newer to the marketplace and gaining some ground on the big named golf ball companies. Ariva Golf has brought to market two balls that not only look good at address, but have been manufactured to combine distance, feel and spin to lower your scores.

The Ariva AR-4 and AR-3 arrived at our testing center and we would like to share our thoughts and results from some intense testing.

About Ariva Golf:

Ariva Golf came about when two guys were out playing in the Central Coast of California and one guy hit a few too many in the water. His thought was more about how much money he just hit away into the abyss. The cost of golf balls these days can financially break a golfer.

And so the partners decided right there that they needed to develop and manufacture a superior golf ball at an affordable price. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize we are all not Rory McIlroy or Stacy Lewis who can keep the ball in play round after round. Why not have a golf ball that can perform at a high level and keep more money in your pocket?


The Ariva AR-3 is a 3 piece ball that compares to a top quality “Tour” level ball with a Low-Mid Launch penetrating flight with a 386 dimple pattern. The AR-3 is engineered with 3 layers to lower scores through providing the perfect combination of distance, spin and feel. They provide increased short game spin, a softer feel and excellent distance. The 3 piece ball has a larger firmer compression core which provides lower driver spin for longer carry distance, yet maintaining a soft feel. Designed with 3-layers featuring a low compression core, Dupont™ soft outer mantle and cast urethane cover.

The Ariva AR-4 is a 4 piece ball that plays very similar to quality balls with Mid-High Launch, Low Spin with a 318 dimple pattern. The AR-4 is engineered with 4 layers to lower scores through providing the perfect combination of distance, spin and feel. They provide increased short game spin, a softer feel and excellent distance. The 4 piece spins less, has a slightly firmer feel and launches lower for longer overall distance. The soft, ionomer casing outer mantle increases spin rates on wedge shots to help with control.

Time to share with you our review results on both the AR-3 and AR-4 Ariva Golf Ball.

Putting with Ariva Ball


Both the Ariva AR-3 and AR-4 have solid unique dimple patterns that are appealing to the eye.

As for the feel, the AR-3 gave me a lot more of a solid spin control right off the face of the club. The 3-piece AR-3 feels softer on impact of every club with a nice launch angle from tee to green. What I did notice was that off the Driver, I experienced less spin and more distance so the ball exploded off the face of the driver and felt controlled.

The AR-4 has a different feel for me. There was a firmer feel to each ball strike with a little less spin. However, around the greens the ball felt soft and has a nice spin control to keep the ball close to the pin.

On the green both balls roll nicely off the flat stick. It is a soft yet solid feel which I really like.

Overall, both the Ariva AR-3 and AR-4 golf balls provided excellent feel around the greens and from tee to green.

Ariva Golf Ball in the Rough


The overall performance of both the AR-3 and AR-4 were really solid. Both balls stood up to rigorous testing on several occasions on the course.

The Ariva AR-3 performed for me at a bit of a higher level. I found I could really spin the ball around the greens when the shot called for it. Off the tee box the AR-3 was a solid performer with excellent distance when it was up against 5 other golf balls I used to compare its overall distance control. I also found that when compared to the Ariva AR-4 the ball flight was a bit lower gaining a bit more distance with my mid-irons and longer clubs. This is a good thing.

Overall the AR-3 performed solid with good control over distance and spin.

The Ariva AR-4 performed slightly different from its sister (the AR-3). The AR-4 was much firmer at impact with each club and had a more ‘powerful’ launch. It exploded off the clubface but with good control. Around the greens I found the AR-4 to spin quite a bit but with control. It didn’t take long to manage the spin and it was actually a nice feature to have with each shot. I also selected other ‘4-piece’ balls to see how it compared and there was little to no difference. In other words, the AR-4 played well against its competitors.

Overall the AR-4 performed just as I had expected and was able to control the spin and distance.

Ariva Golf Ball Review
BP Tester Kate Hughes


As I mentioned before, there are so many balls to choose from in the marketplace. Ariva AR-3 and AR-4 have come to play with the big boys. What you will find is a solid ball that costs a bit less.

Both the Ariva AR-3 and AR-4 have been approved by the USGA and conform to all regulations.

Ariva Golf has come to the market to play and has developed golf balls for every caliber player. I am a real stickler when it comes to bringing a ball in play…it has to perform at a top level and both the AR-3 and AR-4 have accomplished that in my book.

Give the Ariva Golf Balls a try and let us know at Bunkers Paradise what you think. Your feedback is important to us and the entire Bunkers Paradise Community.

Play Hard and Play Well.

‘keep smiling and always believe’

Written by BP Staff


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