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Have you ever been playing a round of golf and after the round you notice you are missing something? You grab your earlobe and notice your expensive earrings are no longer attached. This happens more ofter than we would like it to. Both men and women wear earrings and sometimes we find ourselves taking our ‘real’ ones off and replacing them with ‘our less expensive’ earrings just in case we lose them during our round.

It has happened to me. I have lost 3 pair of diamond studs over the years on the course. Trust me, there is no chance in finding them unless theY fell right in your lap. We all swing relatively fast, taking wind shirts off and putting them on, adjusting our hats, using towels to clean up the mud that flung at you from a saving shot. In all these instances, the backs of our earrings can separate from the earring itself and then they are gone at the blink of an eye.

Chysmela Catch has come to the market securing those earrings no matter what you do in them. We at Bunkers Paradise had the opportunity to put the Chrysmela Catch to the test. Being the chosen one, I wanted to really see for myself if they truly gave me the security and comfort in wearing my favorite, somewhat pricey earrings.

What is Chrysmela Catch

The Chrysmela Catch is made in Japan and is the vision of Eri Kikunaga who found herself locking those more expensive earrings away just so she wouldn’t lose them. I know the feeling. So many times she would lose a valuable gift and blame the backing of the earring for the loss.

Miss Kikunaga realized there was a definite need for both men and women to provide a safe strong backing that could stand the test of daily activities, sports and work.

She dedicated herself to creating a variety of designs, working for three years with the best technical professionals specializing in precision manufacturing to create the best quality product.

The Chrysmela Catch are clasps for the back of the earring based on an innovative locking mechanism. Since the launch in Japan in July 2008, Chrysmela has reached close to 200,000 customers and now is launching in the United States.


The Chrysmela Catch blends perfectly with any earring. They have 3 different backings that match up with every earring you own: Platinum, Yellow Golf and Rose Gold. They look beautiful when matched up with their new earring. I love the fact they are hypo allergenic too. I have sensitive skin and they feel great without any concern for irritation.

Chrysmela variety of postsChrysmela Image Ease of Use

They feel marvelous behind my ear without ‘locking’ too tight or too loose. You cannot see them like some of those earring backs that have the huge plastic circle around the post trying to give you confidence the earring is locked on…I lost those by the way! A smooth and gentle caressing behind the ear. That is crucial!


The Chrysmela Catch performed brilliantly on and off the course. I took them out for quite a few rounds with my most expensive earrings and I tugged, pulled, took wind shirts on and off, swung the club as hard/fast as I could and even jumped into the pool after the round. Not once did the Chrysmela Catch loosen or even remotely try to come off.

What I was amazed at was the ease of putting the backing on my earrings and how easy it was to remove them at night. I thought for a moment the technologically advanced ‘locking system’ would make it difficult to put on and remove. I stand corrected. They slide on like any other backing and you feel a bit of a click when they lock onto your post. Love that!

In the removal of the Chrysmela Catch, I found it quite easy to slip my finger nails into the ‘backing slits’  and gently pull. The release is immediate and the post and ‘Catch’ separate.

Overall the performance was spot on and very easy to use to secure your earrings. I wear them behind every earring wear now and play golf, swim, bike and perform every day activities (playing with my toddler) with confidence.

Chrysmela catch golfing


When you lose a precious gift like an earring (s), it really makes one sad, angry and disappointed. I love to play with nice earrings on because it is who I am. Now I can play rounds of golf in confidence knowing my earrings are secure and not going to be ground up in the fairway mower.

Chrysmela Catch has come to the table with a secure earring back to help give you peace of mind. Check them out at and see what you think.

‘keep smiling and always believe’

Written by BP Staff

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