MobiCoach Review: New and Improved Window to Remote Coaching

The Fall season is upon us and winter is knocking on the door. Fore some of us that means it is time to hang up the clubs for outdoor play and for others it is time to book that flight to a warmer climate to dodge some of the bone chilling cold.

As a coach, this means we have to say ‘see you next season’ to some of our students who will be playing golf in other parts of the world and hope they keep up with everything we taught them. You see, I can’t be with every student every moment around the globe.
On the flip side of all this winter talk, we as coaches find it difficult to be with our students every moment they need us despite the weather. What if one of my players is getting ready to tee it up across the country and needs my help? I certainly can’t call on ‘Scotty to beam me up’. So how in the world do coaches and players keep up the connection?

There is a potential solution for both the player and coach. MobiCoach.

What is MobiCoach?

MobiCoach is and innovative way for coaches and students to stay in touch. It is a remote solution for coaches and students to stay connected via I Pad in real time. MobiCoach allows the player and coach to be connected providing instruction no matter where you are in the world.

You many be asking why this mattes. Well, having the ability to work with your favorite coach when you are miles/states/countries apart for a quick fix on the swing or mental game could be the key to winning a tournament or simply having an enjoyable family golf outing while on vacation. With MobiCoach you can access your coach live in real time, get the fix you need and be off playing golf with confidence.

We at Bunkers Paradise had the privilege of trying the new and improved MobiCoach at our testing center. We set it up with me, Kate Hughes, on the coaching end and one of our young staff players, Manny, on the receiving end of the coaching. Let’s break this down from the perspective of the player and coach  giving you a real look into MobiCoach.

Setting Up the Review

Our staff writer/player and I were ready to check MobiCoach out. First, I was given a quick overview by the MobiCoach team from the perspective of the coach. After that was completed, Manny and I set up the appointment via the MobiCoach Website. When the time came, we connected and the session began. I will add that I have been with MobiCoach one the original launch, but was excited to check out how the new update worked with students.  Manny was brand new to the whole system. Having Manny not know too much was done with purpose to check the ease of use with MobiCoach and a real true look at its ability to perform.

Manny wasn’t too sure what to expect. He mentioned he had taken private lessons on the range before with a coach, but never a session with an IPad/remote coaching. Was he a little skeptical? A bit, but also very excited to check out where technology and golf can take us.

Let’s break the review down from the perspective of the Coach and Student to provide a thorough look at MobiCoach.

MobiCoach Session 2


Coach’s Look/Feel Take:  The dual screen view on my I Pad was a perfect way to work with Manny because I could see him in live time, capture the swing and analyze. The picture was clear and I loved being able to ‘draw’ on the screen to literally show Manny what I wanted him to do with his swing.

MobiCoach created a cool feature having a ‘dual screen’ view on the IPad (you could have two swings up at once comparing) along with thumbnail live pictures of you and your student down in the bottom right. In other words, it really felt like we physically were in the same place working together. We were able to chat live via voice and the thumbnails while reviewing and analyzing the swings I captured.

Overall, the look was seamless and the feel was like you were sitting next to each other working as a team. I would give the look and feel 5 Stars due to its innovation.

Student’s Look/Feel Take:  The look was seamless and very easy to understand what was on the screen and what Kate was trying to show through the ‘white boarding’ process (coach’s ability to draw on the captured video live while student watches). Having various colors to use when drawing was a key success in understanding each point that was made. It did take a little time to set up the IPad exactly right for the session, so Kate could see me swing, but that was due to the fact I did not have a mount. Next time the IPad will have mount to make it a more efficient session (not always trying to adjust and prop up the IPad).

Overall, the look and feel of the MobiCoach system was impressive from the student’s side. It was very easy to see my swing in both viewing windows and toggle back and forth.


MobiCoach Session Review BP


Coach’s Performance Take:  This is where I plan to really get into the nuts and bolts of MobiCoach. I am all for live face to face sessions with students. However, there are times when you just can’t be in two places at once (I know, we all should be able to, right!?). This is a very unique option and quite frankly, a very cool innovative approach to the student/coach relationship.

The set up and connection was seamless. First, both the player and coach  download free MobiCoach App and register free online setting up their respective profiles. This was simple and painless. After we were up and running on the MobiCoach site, Manny was able to ‘Find a Coach’, me, and book an appointment. I received a quick heads-up email and we were ready to rock when the time came.

Before the session was to start, I was given a couple of reminder emails that a session was coming (1 hour, 30 minutes and 15 minutes). I totally loved that feature for my life can get a bit hectic and I never want to miss an opportunity to help someone reach their golfing goals.

At session time, we were on our respective I Pad’s, opened the APP, touched on ‘Join Call’ and we were immediately connected live. This was seamless and very easy to do. I am no tech genius, so I was very impressed with ease of connection and the clarity of the picture.

Side note: Keep in mind, I had to be on a Wi-Fi/internet connection but the student can just be on the cellular network or Wi-Fi. Also, we both can utilize Bluetooth technology for ease of use.

As the coach, I was able to have the student swing and capture anywhere from an 8sec video to a 120 section video of his swing. That was really a great feature giving me various times intervals to review each swing (s) during the chosen time line once the swing downloaded into my MobiCoach Session (took seconds to download).

At any given time during the session, I was able to pull up any 2 swings we ‘captured’ and discuss my thoughts with Manny. I could utilize another innovative feature in ‘white-boarding’ which is simply my ability to draw on the captured swing literally showing Manny what I needed him to do; all this while we are speaking live. Very cool.

The performance of the new and improved MobiCoach is amazing. What is really a phenomenal feature, unlike something similar to Skype or Face Time, it the ability to pull up any past swings of Manny’s showing him his improvement and/or upload a video of mine stored on my I Pad to help drive home a thought. In addition, everything I upload from his swing during the live session, the drawings on the videos and any other images I upload during the session is captured and there in the MobiCoach Vault for review by the student and coach any time after the session is over. This is very important to the overall success of this type of teaching tool.

Overall, the performance was excellent and very easy to understand, implement and execute.

Student’s Performance Take: Impressive is a key word of the MobiCoach Session. Going in slightly pessimistic, but came out seeing a real value in this type of coaching. MobiCoach performed better that expected. Seeing the coach live in the thumbnail picture made if feel like we were on the range together. And then to have two larger windows showing two swings at any give time is a great feature.

What was also impressive was the coaches ability to use the ‘white board’ to draw, circle, and demonstrate where I needed to be at any given point in the swing. Along with that, the coach is able to slow down the swing, stop it, go backwards and forwards and provide me with optimal learning opportunities as any given point of the swing. That’s a winner.

A real cool feature that adds volumes to the overall MobiCoach experience and performance is the ability for the coach to upload another swing from her vault (hers, another players, a still shot, etc. ) to emphasis what we were working on and to ‘show’ me what she needed me to do. That was really a great feature of tremendous value. To ‘see’ what it is the coach want’s you to do…priceless.

Finally, the coach was able to pull up any two swings to provide ‘an improvement’ look during the session. What I mean is that she could show my first swing right next to the last one and provide crucial comparisons to how it improved during the session. That was a confidence builder. I could really see the improvement over the course of the 1 hour session.

Overall, I feel the performance of MobiCoach exceeded my expectations.

MobiCoach Review Technology and Remote Coaching


Over my lifetime of golf, there have been plenty of moments where I wish I could work with my coach from a far. I never thought the day would come when that would be a reality. It is not the face to face physical lesson, but MobiCoach has stepped in with the next best thing to being there.

I have been on both sides of the MobiCoach Session and I am impressed with the technology, the live streaming, and overall MobiCoach Product. I know that now if I am ‘falling apart at the seams’ before a tournament, I can book a session with a top coach and get myself back on track.

Likewise, it is nice to know that any student can get their game back on track with basically the opening of the MobiCoach APP and have session with their coach. In the end, this is an awesome way to keep the confidence flowing from the student to the course without missing a beat because you are nowhere near your coach.

Technology at its finest in golf; truly an amazing tool to have in your back pocket.

Let us know what you think at Bunkers Paradise. Check out MobiCoach for yourself at


‘keep smiling and always believe’

Written by BP Staff

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