Neuroswing Self Golf Ball Teeing Review: Save Your Back

We are all getting older and bending down to place a golf ball on a tee time after time on a range only gets harder with age.  What if someone put together a device that would make it so you wouldn’t have to bend down anymore?  Well that’s exactly what Nearoswing is trying to do.  They call it the Neuroswing, personal golf-ball teeing system.

Neuroswing is meant to enable golfers to make numerous practice swings without bending over to tee up the ball every time. This prevents unnecessary back strain while maximizing practice performance, providing players the opportunity to stay focused, one shot at a time, without the distraction of continual ball retrieval.

Neuroswing Ball Feeder ball

From Neuroswing:

“Golfers of every age and skill level will appreciate the effortless teeing process and more productive practice sessions that Neuroswing provides,” said Pascal Perrin, co-founder and CEO of Neuroswing LLC. “The ability to maintain concentration, balance and posture while hitting all kinds of shots leads to smarter, more strategic practice through greater comfort and consistency.”


Neuroswing Ball Feeder3



Neuroswing Ball Feeder


First is setting up the Neuroswing.  If you are like me, you want to jump into something and get going without reading instructions.  Well I tried and failed miserably.  The Neuroswing comes with a set of paper instructions as well as this video below on how to get it up and started.  My point? Read the instructions.

Once you get it set up, the rest is actually pretty simple.  The looks are pretty straight forward and I’ll let you make that determination on whether you like the way it looks or not by the photos.  I’m going to focus on feel here.  The Neuroswing is made of hard plastic that seems to be durable.  The hinges and screws seem to be of good quality as well, so there should not be any issues with the hinges failing later.

It’s very lightweight and easy to carry, which makes it fairly easy to take wherever you are going to practice.  I used the Neuroswing at my home range as you can see from the photos, but you can take it to the range or wherever else you practice.


Like I mentioned before, I failed to follow the instructions when I first set up the Neuroswing, which was not a smart idea.  I found myself struggling to get the balls to land properly on the tees, which led to frustration.  I then pulled out my phone and watched the above video instruction and bam, I was good to go.

I still had a few issues with the balls not sitting and staying on the tees properly 100% of the time.  I spoke to the makers and they informed me that they were aware of the issue and were actually already making changes to the product, which include:

  • The final version of Neuroswing, the tees will have a “stop-roll” feature at the top which will prevent balls from coming off the tee from time to time.
  • Modification of the delivery piece to make it accept worn / used range balls and to improve tee-ing/dispensing precision
  • Modification of the red spot indicator to be printed directly on the one-axis with 3 different levels for the 3 heights of tee
  • Adding a fixing rivet based at the one-axis bottom to avoid the lower part being accidentally removed from the main axis
  • Modification of the tee strip to be less flexible
  • Enhancement of the Neuroswing bag to be more rigid


As I mentioned before there were a few small issues with the prototype, which they are well aware of and are in the process of fixing.  Once they make those fixes, I think the Neuroswing will be beneficial for golfers looking to protect their back from injuries.

Note: The Neuroswing isn’t available just yet, but they are about to make their release.  They are currently launching it on Kickstarter beginning October 14, 2014. The goal of Neuroswing’s Kickstarter initiative is to fund the first production run of its prototype product and to provide for additional research-and-development efforts. Those interested in learning more about Neuroswing’s Kickstarter launch head over to

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