Guinness World Record for Longest Usable Golf Club Record Broken

So even though stars like Rory and Bubba might mash the ball three to four hundred plus yards, I wonder if they can do any damage with the World’s Longest Usable Golf Cub.  It was built by Karsten Maas of Denmark.  It’s length is 14 ft, 5 inches.  Karsten happen to be a Trick Golf Artist and Golf Professional.  He built the club with idea of setting a Guinness World Record involving the sport of golf.  Here is a look at Maas’ club.


However, shortly after Guinness announced Maas’s record, well known Guiness Record holder, Ashrita Furman, took the crown away from Maas.  The United States is now home to the World’s Longest Usable Golf Club as Ashrita constructed a club that is 18 ft, 5 inches!  Check out Ashrita’s pride and joy below:

But having the world’s longest club doesn’t necessarily translate into distance.  Check out how Maas and Furman’s distances match up against some PGA Stars and Long Drive Professionals:

  • Karsten Maas: 180.6 yards
  • Ashrita Furman: 26 yards
  • Mike Dobbyn, 2007 World Long Drive Champion: 551 Yards (Long Drive Record Holder – Long Drive Competition)
  • Mike Austin, Senior Amateur: 515 yards (Longest Drive Recorded in Tournament Competition)
  • Bubba Watson, PGA Tour: 424 yards (2014 record)

To be honest with you, I’d love to see the power hitters of today take a shot with either Maas or Furman’s club.  Even though Furman might hold the record, his swing wasn’t as defined as Maas’s was.

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